July 29, 2011

Slippery Slope

I blame Carolyn. I have never shopped at Fabric Mart.  No matter how many times she has linked to them or shown her beautiful treasures.

I try to buy most of my fabric locally just to support and keep my local brick and mortars in business.  And - regular readers know that just about all natural fibers, with the exception of cotton - sc
are me.  I'm not sure how to handle them or what to do.

So yesterday when Carolyn started talking about the Rayon Challis on sale for $2.50 a yard, well I clicked over and I looked at the lovely prints and I added some to a cart and then I clicked away.  I mean really - what would I do with them?  I asked as much in Carolyn's comments and being the lovely lady that she is, she replied that I would make a dress.

So today with the frustration of having spent the entire month of July working on a single, simple button front skirt - that's still not finished! - I clicked through again and bought 2 of the challis.  Both in a large enough quantity to make a dress.  I mean at that price - if I ruin it, well who cares, right?

I also added a lovely midnight blue windowpane checked cotton - this is right in my comfort zone and I see it being a dress.  I can't decide if it wants to be a slim dress or a dress with a full skirt but I hope it decides before it gets here.

Finally I added another cotton print.  It too wants to be a dress.  This one really wants to be a button front shirt dress. 

I'm happy that in Western Washington I can get 3 seasons of wear from lightweight cottons.  They will easily go from Spring right into the Fall.  And since it's never excessively hot here, they are fine in the summer too.  The midnight blue might go better from Fall through Spring being dark it might like tights and a cardi and be a winter dress.

But the title of this post?  Well I got enough fabric today, plus shipping, for  6 dresses for under $60.  That doesn't include any notions that I might need like buttons, zippers, thread, interfacing, but those are things I have on hand and they don't really count.  If I actually start making sewing progress - I can see this being a bad, bad place to be buying from.  I know first hand that Carolyn knows of what she speaks when she talks about fabric quality.  And I really don't need a fabulous source of quality fabric to add to my stash.  My friend Miss D. threatened to stage an intervention when she saw my fabric on the cutting table when we were doing the floors. 


  1. LOL...a slippery slope, indeed! In my knitting circles we call it "falling down" when we make, erm, successful trips out to WEBS on the net.

  2. Yeah it is a slippery slope...but it's such a wonderful ride down to the bottom! *LOL* You won't buy from them as often as I do because you've shown remarkable willpower up to now! There did that help! *LOL* Oh and tell Jay it is ALL my fault!

  3. I loved working with Challis. It's so drapable!

    Now you've done it, I'm going to have to check the site out. Can I blame Carolyn, too?

  4. Love the green print. Think I'll leave early for my meeting and swing into Lilly P to see if they have that chambray dress...

  5. I'm with Chan - that green is so cute!

    I've been wanting to break away from sewing mostly cotton. I have some vintage-esq patterns that I want to make, and most call for more slippery fabrics.

  6. Oh, sweetie, it;s Carolyn's fault that I found Fabric Mart, too. And they're less than 2 hours down the road for me. See me staying away from there? Yep. I ordered some cottons and a couple of pieces of challis from that same sale, and am thinking of ordering more. Carolyn buys from their regular section, because she makes work clothes, but since I work from home, new clothes are not a requirement of life; they're just fun. Still and all, I make myself stay away. Miss D would be horrified at my office, which is well piled with fabric. I hope you enjoy your new dresses!

  7. LOVE your choices...oh, the lure of a good sale!

  8. oh boy, Carolyn is getting lots of blame - I found Fabric Mart through her too. Love my fabrics but the shipping to Canada makes willpower that much stronger thank goodness. Your prints will make lovely dresses, can't wait to see 'em.


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