August 1, 2011

Artsy Fartsy?

There is a beautiful weathered fence that I drive past every morning on my way to work. The homeowners put the 'good neighbor' side of the fence on the road side and then they planted flowers at the bottom.

At least twice a week, I see that and think I should bring my camera.  Friday - I headed out with my camera.

And the inspired by Kate Shawl.

When I walked back to my car, some people on the other side asked if it was a 'travelling shawl?'


  1. Had I been on the other side, I think I would have been tempted to snare the shawl while it was dribbling over on my side... ;)

    Cute photos. Awesome shawl.

  2. Lovely! LOL....were the other side folks knitters who actually know a "Travelling Shawl" from an "Inspired By Kate"? That would have been truly cool...

  3. Nice fence and flowers. We put the ugly side of the fence on the outside so that the dogs don't use the supports to climb out.

  4. Sure, call it a Traveling Shawl if that makes them happy. It's nice that they planted the flowers on the outside of the fence for everyone to enjoy.

  5. *snicker* Traveling shawl. That's great!

  6. I agree with Chan ;). Those pics are gorgeous and I like the traveling shawl.

  7. Very pretty pictures. :D I'm with Chan...I might have been tempted to sneak up on the other side of the fence and snag said shawl. I'd give it back, of course. ;)


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