February 17, 2010

Wednesday Already?

Saturday morning we got up early, loaded up the jeep and headed to Canada. Nope - we weren't going to see any Olympic events - we were going to see JB's dad.
We stopped at Duty Free and I spotted this cute little handbag. We will be in Mexico soon and this bag will carry everything and not get too heavy - sunglasses, wallets, passports. you know everything I have to keep track of.
I think it will also hold the necessary knitting! Horrible photos of a really cute bag that the clerk at Duty Free convinced JB that I had to have. Happy Valentine's to me!


  1. Very festive looking. It's nice to have the salesperson on your side.

  2. How Cute Is That!?!
    It will be perfect for Mexico

  3. That is perfect!! So cheery and YOU.

  4. How lucky you found a clerk who knew what you need! When's Mexico happening? We can't travel south; we both burn like nobody's business. My oldest son went to Mexico once, and on the first day he was so frightened by the sun and heat that he spent the vacation indoors until 5 or 6 PM every day. Glad you got a weekend away, anyway!

  5. The new bag is so cute - what a wonderful design.

    Super thanks for the sock advice, have a glorious time in Mexico,

    Michelle and Zebbycat, xxx and purrrrrumbles

  6. I love that bag! Super cute fabric.
    And the doggy jail picture cracked me up! I know that look well. :)

  7. It looks like a very cute Mexico bag indeed... you are hitting up all 3 countries withing a month. pretty cool.


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