February 10, 2010

Not Much

has been going on around these parts. I cut a hunk of my hounds tooth off and washed and dried it - didn't like the resulting fabric so this skirt will eventually be dry clean only! Umm - have I mentioned how impractical dry clean is in a house with 4 slobbery dogs? On the knitting front the socks on the left are the January Brown Bag Sock Club Section. I'm knitting bubble wrap socks from the toe up. It's a free pattern that can be found over at Ravelry and I'm completely enamoured with it. This pair accompanied me to a Superbowl party and kept me from eating too many brownies. Thank you socks. And I finished my "Blind Side" socks. Nothing special about these socks. Toe up, two at a time as usual. I started these socks back in November when we were on vacation as I needed something simple to work on at the movies. Foot is simple stockinette and I've lined my feet up to show where the pattern lines up. I did an afterthought heel as I like that better in self-patterning yarns. The leg is a 4x2 rib - just to help break the monotony of knitting every single stitch. And while you can't see it here - I saw a photo of a round heel in a friend's knitting book and thought it looked cool. I totally ripped the idea off and these socks have semi-round heels. I did round decreases (just like you would on a hat - but with more rows between decrease rounds) until I had 12 stitches left and then grafted them closed. It looks interesting and is very comfortable to wear. So - what's going on in your life?


  1. I don't like dry clean only, but that reminds me... I have a basket of stuff to take to the cleaner's.

    Love the socks. I'd like to see a photo of this round heel...

  2. I stopped wearing anything that needed dry cleaning when my first son was 2 months old, and we were walking around a home improvement store, looking for light fixtures. I was carrying the baby with his face snuggled up next to my neck, and he was sleeping peacefully, until he barfed right down the front of my sweater. Try cleaning baby barf out of your bra in a public restroom, because it's 15 degrees out and you don't want to freeze when you go outside! that sweater hit the trash can, and I've never again worn dry clean only clothes.

    Nice socks; glad you had help in brownie avoidance!

  3. Love your finished socks!! And I like that bubble wrap pattern.... if I ever get back into knitting socks.

  4. If it can't go in the washer/dryer or the dishwasher, it doesn't last long in our house. LOL

  5. yep, i am a wash & wear kind of girl. no time or patience for things that need "special care."

    btw, i am getting closer to being able to knit socks....

  6. Love those patterned socks !

    I'm doing a stockinette foot with a ribbed cuff now. I usually do a 2k2p rib. How stretchy is a 4k2p rib ? Haven't tried the afterthought heel yet, maybe one of these days.

  7. what great looking socks! I wish I knew how to knit ...


  8. Your glorious socks prompted me to check out my UFOs - yep, my first ever sock lingers there. Had almost finished it when I found I had dropped a stitch 4 rows back. That was 7 months ago and tonight I glared at it again.

    happy knitting and sock wearing,

    Michelle and Zebbycat

  9. I want to see this round heel... I'm thinking that I might make the wasabi pea socks out of the yarn that was gifted to me from my knitting group friend, and when I told her about it yesterday, she said I will need to modify the pattern or something, so that is a little scary... for my first socks, I'm thinking I want something I can just do directly from the pattern. What do you think?


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