February 24, 2010

My New View

This post is really for Channon who has requested photos of the water that I can see from my desk. They aren't great photos, but I think you'll get the idea. The first photo is from the conference room. The mountains in the background are the Olympics and they are stunning!

This next shot was taken from Mr. TN's office. With the camera right up to the glass. The water is Elliot Bay.

And finally - a dark picture taken from the fishbowl! In this one you can see the "seams" in my glass walls, the plant in the hallway (that dark thing on the left) and the portion of the wall (dark on the right) that I couldn't get rid of. But you can see that I can see right through my glass walls, through Mr. TN's glass walls out to the water.
Enjoy :-}


  1. What a wonderful place to work - at least, when you can look out the window!

  2. That sure beats looking out at tall buildings. How do you concentrate and not just sit staring at the water?

  3. I love that you can see the mountains!

  4. Absolutely breath-taking. Thank you. May I be an ingrate and ask for ships in the next photos? ;)

  5. oh how i miss seattle! the water and the mtns, there's nothing like that here in Idaho. but happily i get home every once in awhile to enjoy those wonderful sites. of course, i dont' miss the rain and clouds! hee hee

  6. Great view! Good thing I don't have a window in my little nook, I'd never get anything done! LOL
    But then I don't sit at my desk a lot of times...


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