February 2, 2010

Emerald Forest

So this is the last shipment from the one sock club I joined last year. It was a 3 month sock club from Creatively Dyed, the price was reasonable and I purchased it just days before Beau decided to rack up major vet bills. The yarn is a rich, dark, dark green - practically black and it photographs black. The socks are beaded and toe up with a gusset and traditional heel flap. I started these on Friday night. I'm working both of them at the same time. I put the beads in a tiny dish to make them easier to add to the socks. On Sunday morning Beau spilled the dish of beads! I hope we found them all!


  1. OH, I've been there. My little helpers have spilled beads and pins and you name it.

  2. The beads aren't vivid blue either, just so the rest of the world knows. They go very well with the yarn...

    Sissy says I should take heed and skip the beads. I fear she's right.

  3. I hope you do the beads, I think they would make gorgeous socks! And I've spilled beads like that on my own several times... they sure do scatter. :O

  4. One of the cats did the same thing with my beads a couple weeks ago. I'm still finding the darn things.


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