July 1, 2009

Ruby Red & Blue

anyone who's ever been to my house can attest to the fact that the first thing you hear when you drive up is the hounds and the first thing you see is the Strawberry patch. It's right there next to the driveway. For some reason, the strawberries produce really well every other year. This is the over production year. We have already filled and eaten the colander once with ripe berries. We had sliced berries on pancakes and strawberry rhubarb crumb.
Well it was time to harvest them again. Last Thursday when the VeeDogKnits Couple was here, Miss VDK walked through the patch looking for the perfect strawberries. JB and Mr. VDK pointed out 100s of ripe berries, but she wanted to find her own and she finally did. She said it was worth the trip through the berries. Today I picked berries and filled a huge wooden bowl as well as my large tupperware colander. That was more berries than JB and I could eat before they want bad. So, I washed and cleaned about 2/3 of the berried and stuck them into the freezer. They will be eaten later - as muffins or smoothies. Tonight I'll slice some on spinach and toss it with candied walnuts for dinner.
The blue? Oh, remember last year when I only had three blueberries? (scroll down, it's in there) This is what I've got going on this year. Look at that plant - it's just loaded down with berries.
Oh - Indiana Girls? There will be no kiwi. The plant is male and all they produce is pretty flowers. Apparently only the female make fruit and ours isn't big enough to make flowers yet, much less fruit. If she doesn't shape up soon, we'll be planting another female in her territory.


  1. Those are some great looking strawberries. I'm working on a nearly no cooking frozen strawberry squares dessert (think lemon squares but with strawberries). I haven't got it quite right yet, but I'll let you know when I do.

    Looks like we're going to have about 11 blueberries this year. Maybe next year we'll be lucky like you!

  2. The strawberries have been very nice this year, big and sweet. We have them for breakfast almost every morning. I am so hungry for raspberries like we had in New York, but here they are so expensive that I go without.

  3. Yummy! I think I'm going to have more of my fruit for breakfast. I have strawberries, but no blueberries...

  4. Awesome berries. Would love a bowl with some vanilla yogurt and homemade granola right about now!

  5. well hell. just like a man, eh? tricking us with his good looks. it's still a gorgeous plant.

    the strawberries look fantastic!! too bad we didn't plan our trip a few weeks later! mmmmm


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