July 10, 2009


Many of you know that I love daisies. JB has finally caught onto that fact (we've only been married for 14 years!) and now there are bunches of daisies all around the yard. These particular daisies came from a packet of seeds that my aunt gave me that started from flowers in my gramma's yard. Love them. Anyway - what does that have to do with lace you ask. Well, as I was sitting on the deck, I thought that the daisies might make a good backdrop for my lace shawl. Remember the lace that totally kicked my arse? Well after those fiascoes - I put the shawl into time out to teach it a lesson. I guess it learned what it had done wrong and after 2 years (yes TWO YEARS) I picked it up and started working on it again. The good news is it's behaving so much better now. The bad news is - without blocking it isn't long enough to hang over the deck and get behind those daisies. I know - I could have hung it off a lower rail - but then I would have had to scramble to find a place to stand to get that photo.
I have finished the first hank of the Malibrigo Polar Morn Laceweight and I'm a bit more than half-way done. I have 24 1/2 repeats of the leaf lace done and I haven't taken a close up photo so you can see the leafs. Since picking it back up last month and finishing the first hank - it's been exile again - but this time it's so not the lace's fault.
I had nothing but grey on the needles - grey shawl, grey socks, and grey sweater. So I finished up the grey socks (you'll get to see them as soon I can photograph JB's feet). And then I volunteered to test knit sock patterns for designers over at Rav. I currently have a pair of pink socks in progress with a due date of July 25th and a single green sock - top down on double pointed needles with a due date of July 15th. Guess I should post and go knit.
Have a great weekend everyone - does it hold anything exciting?


  1. What a pretty pattern that is. Did you have any trouble picking up where you left off after all that time?

    I like gray. My friends used to tease me about wearing gray when I was a teen. I always thought it was one of the easiest colors to showcase accessories.

  2. Hey G!
    Pretty lace pattern. You could pick a couple of daisies and lay them on the lace for a pic. It would look neat.

  3. I'm glad that shawl finally learned its lesson. I ignore things to teach them, too. It usually works. Have a wonderful weekend. We are finally supposed to have sunshine, and I plant to just enjoy it!

  4. I need to find my blocking wire and send you some. What lengths do you want?

  5. Your yard must look awesome with daisies growing all over it! One of my favorite flowers, too.

    Can I just say that I'm jealous, jealous, jealous about the knitting!

  6. Lace gets me every time. I guess I'm just a sock gal. :-) Yours looks beautiful, though!

  7. The daises certainly made a lovely picture with the shawl and the shawl is be-e-utiful:).
    Can't wait to see the socks.

  8. You sure taught it a lesson! Sheesh.. I think the littles would really listen if I intimidated them with a several year long time out!

    Very nice lace work though, and great daisies to boot!

  9. that is gorgeous!! Can I have it when it's finished? hehe, just kiddin. :D I LOVE daisies!! I'm always pulling off the side of the road and picking an especially pretty batch .

  10. That is sooooo pretty! Kudos for picking it back up again!


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