July 2, 2009

Lick Your Lips

That was the command that I gave the dogs - Lick Your Lips! They didn't understand. What? What is it you want us to do? And why do you have that scary thing pointed at us? Can I just have the treat already? Of four dogs the only one who regularly has a tongue sticking out is Beau. He's the goober in the house. And I had to take these photos by myself. JB went back to work yesterday and last night he was just too tired to help indulge me. So, I had some yummy little liver treats and I even resorted to rubbing in on their nose - but they got it all licked off before I could get the camera back up! Silly, quick dogs (that's Lucy on the left and Beau on the right).
Lucy - is this what you want Mom? Can I have that little treat now? Beau - look Mom - did you get the picture?
Lucy - Better? Can I please have the treat already?
Beau - Fine! Here's my tongue - are you happy now? Give me the treat already!
Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures is having a contest and this is our entry. Don't forget to visit the other dogs on Thursday.


  1. When one of the big boys goes to the top of the china cabinet, Thor automatically sits and starts drooling, because that's where the cookies are. We're lucky he doesn't flood the house. You need my big boys to train Beau and Lucy to stick out their tongues and drool!

  2. Great tongue flicks:)

    At least they do something for the treats. Mr. B & Co. get treats...well.....just because:).

  3. LOLOLOLO, cute pics, I love it! Peanut butter works too!

  4. They're trying so hard to understand what you want. What dolls. Great tongue shot in the last one.

  5. I love it! But where are the short hounds?

  6. The last picture is hilarious!!

  7. haha - what a great tongue shot, Beau! Yours is too, Lucy, but Beau's is so funny!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. What cute babies. How many times have you been licked with those?

  9. I agree w chan, you must say the command to dudley and abb too! but these are some great shots..i hopr you really let them have the treats!


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