July 11, 2008

Melly Rocks!

So today is Friday. Many of you know that I don't work Friday. Well that's not totally true, I work alternating Fridays and the Fridays I work are payday so it's all good. Anywho - I'm sitting in the living room this morning, watching shows on the DVR and knitting. When the mailman shows up. He doesn't pull all the way to the mailbox and is outside moving stuff around in the mail truck for awhile. Finally Lucy notices him and goes nuts, because by now he's walking to the front door. So, I get up and Abby and I go outside to talk to Keith. He hands me the mail, which includes an envelope from Melly. I visit Melly's blog, but being the bad blogger that I am, I have rarely commented. I know she's visited me, because she's good and leaves comments. Anywho -- inside the envelope is this super cute notepad. I mean really, how cute is that? The note says that Cami asked her to make me one of her matchbook notepads. Imagine my surprise when I clicked on Melly's papercraft labels and my notebook is pictured right there! Oh Melly - I love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you. This photo is for Cami. I was chatting with her the other evening as I was getting home from work and she was putting her family to bed. It was the kind of conversation that rattles around and you talk about everything - I mentioned that I only had 3 blueberries on my new plants and JB made some comments to which Cami mentioned that she thinks she might have a crush on him (go warn her about him Jess). Anywho - here are the 3 blueberries. Only 2 really show in the photo and only one is ripe. I think I'll leave it there for awhile.


  1. Those berries don't even look real... and how does a plant only produce on one spot? Strange. I hope the birds don't spot 'em before you get to stud one pancake with them! Glad you liked the notepad. Isn't Melly too fun? She's a crafty vixen. C

  2. Oh no, no warnings from me...JB is "crushable"! Dude, he bakes! AND he GAVE me his super secret chessecake recipe, which i will NEVAH share...don't even ask Princess!!!
    Lovely little notebook...what a thoughtful gift!

  3. LOL... Looks like you asked the fox to guard the henhouse there. ;) Maybe you should just let Lucy guard JB?

    Cute notepad, and aren't unexpected boxes the best?!

  4. do you know i never saw this post?
    some good blogger -i- am!
    glad you liked it enough to blog it. that's cool. :)


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