June 13, 2007

To Work or Not To Work

That is in fact the looming question. You see, I have every other Friday off, it's a great perk of my job. I now have part-time, reliable help to do my job who is guarantee to be here on the Fridays I have off. Now here is where the issue comes in. I took Monday off to fly (in a Chrysler Crossfire) to Barrier, British Columbia, Canada to visit with my in-laws. My Mother-in-Law is still in the hospital, but doing well. So, do I use a vacation day for Monday or work on Friday to make up for it. Let me just say that I have 15 paid vacation days a year and that I only used 13 days during my first calendar year working here. So far this year (which ends with November) I have used 4, so I still have 13 days left. JB has used far more of his 15 vacation days this year than I have, because he took vacation to help with the roof - so since he can't carry any over from year to year and we both took 3 to go to Arizona, and then he took another 6 - he only has 6 days of vacation left for this year. Also, because life has been less than normal - I am way behind on house cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, the fridge needs cleaning, I need to run to Costco, the dogs are almost out of food and if I don't get some good quality face time with my sewing machine soon - the men in the white coats are going to come get me. So, I believe the answer is Not to Work. But, what do you all think?


  1. Take the day off. Not only do you need it, but you deserve it.

  2. You're going to end up either losing the day or taking it when you may not need it as much. Take it now. Use it when it can do you some good.
    Personal Sewing Day here you come! Oh yeah... and Costco and laundry and that other stuff.

  3. My vote adds the count to three for take the day for yourself!

  4. At any point in your life, will you ever say to yourself:
    "Gosh, I wish I'd spent more time at work."


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