June 5, 2007


It's been a really long weekend that started on Friday. So far, nothing on the home improvement front is actually finished. We found one wall that totally got missed with the second coat of paint. Now it needs to be brushed by hand. The roof is taking longer than I thought it would, and also, longer than my brother thought it would too. Of course it doesn't help that I keep making them get off the roof before they are ready - but such is life. Oh, and Monday it rained! Apparently the "boys" were on the roof in the rain - glad I was back to work. On Sunday we had the neighbors over to BBQ to thank them for all their help - equipment, knowledge about painting, staff etc. I made two fresh rhubarb crumb pies. Unfortunately - they didn't both get eaten and are now sitting in my kitchen! On Monday, I pulled the guys off the roof early, because my brother had never been to a professional baseball game. Having a team in town who is currently on a winning streak didn't hurt any. The Mariners managed to pull a win out of the 8th inning last night. We were worried that it wasn't going to happen. The Princess went with us because had an extra ticket. We had garlic fries and ice cream. Great dinner - huh? But we danced - every time a good song played, we sang and danced. Man did I get a workout. I forgot how much I love attending baseball games! When we got home - The Musical One had a friend over (she couldn't go to the game with us, because she had to work late) and they were baking cupcakes. This is what was on my kitchen counter when I got up. Silly her, or maybe me, I left those cakes unattended while the dogs were eating and I went to the powder room. When I came back into the kitchen - less than 5 minutes later - one of those little heart cakes was missing! I know Lucy Lou is a counter surfer and I know that plate should have been moved - I also know that she knows all of this. What I don't know is why it is my responsibility to move her baking out of the paths of the dogs?
Does this look like the face of a dog who did anything wrong? Nope! That's the way she always looks - totally innocent. Stinker! But she's the only one who will actually put her feet on the counter to get what she wants. When you stand 25" at the shoulder - pretty much nothing is out of reach when you stretch!
Finally, I'll leave you with the cutest picture of the Beau
Man. He loves his big bear! He picked this guy out at a garage sale and carried him halfway home 2 summers ago. He carried Big Bear all through the house and goes through streaks when it is the favorite toy and when noisy toys take favorite spot. But one day last weekend Big Bear was in favor.


  1. cakes and pies, cakes and pies! My favorite things! And an M's game to boot! Glad you finally went...didn't you say you were protesting the new stadium? It is lovely, no? OH, the joys of an outdoor game, in the prettiest city on earf! Glad you stopped protesting and went :o)

  2. That is so cute, I love it. Boy, we have sure had counter surfer dogs in the past. A remnants of several cakes went "down the hatch" as visitors were leaving. Nothing left except crumbs! Glad to read that your painting and roofing are going well!


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