June 20, 2007

No Third Sock Syndrome Here!

Third Sock? you say. Gaylen - silly girl, it's second sock syndrome, not third sock! What, who, are you knitting socks for? Well - here's the story. On our recent quick trip to Canada I grabbed some knitting to take along. Really - who wouldn't? At least 6 hours in the car each way! I grabbed the wool twin set I'm working on as well as a ball of self-stripping Trecking sock yarn. I pulled my nice shiny metal, size 2US double pointed needles out of my bag of tricks and proceeded to cast on for a sock. In the car, in the hospital, visiting at the folks house - I worked on the first sock. Finally - I finished decreasing the toe and grafted the remaining the stitches. Then I tried it on. I have long said that I love knitting socks, I just hate wearing hand-knit socks. And then, I have the nerve to get my feelings hurt when The Princess, The Musical One or JB won't wear the socks I have knit. Well now I get it. That first sock - it was just too loose. I didn't hug my foot at all, the pattern didn't show very well because the needles were too big for the yarn. I could have left it, finished the second sock and gifted the pair to someone who wouldn't know the difference. But I wanted these socks. So I ripped it! The little cake of sock yarn - that's the first sock in its current state. For the second sock (currently the only finished one) I cast on with US1s and knit the entire leg and heel flap with the ones. After turning the heel, I switched to US0s and finished the gusset, foot and toe on the smaller needles. This time I'm using Clover Bamboo double points. I really like my shiny metal double pointed needles, but the stitches are looser. Immediately after finishing the second sock, I cast on for the third and final sock. But now - I need to know - does anyone have a pattern for a tiny, fingering weight, baby sock? I will have enough of this yarn left to make a pair of socks for baby - I hope.


  1. Nice! Love the colors. Very cool how the yarn stripes so nicely. :)

  2. I about fell out of my chair... did I know you were a sock Knitter? No! Well, I sure hope I draw your name out for the sock yarn 'contest' on Sunday. Some verrry pretty stuff has been arriving here, and the UPS guy keeps dog treats bungee-corded to his dash, so Jemima doesn't even 'alert' when he comes in the drive. I'll look out to find her big behind just a-waggin' and a brown truck in the drive. (I'm shopping for a new bathrobe; let's just say I'm not fast enough to streak past if the UPS guy is already on the porch.)
    I'm glad your daughter adopted the pink dress. Shopping for the perfect hat to go with could've taken just days! btw, my ego almost couldn't handle how cool I felt seeing my comment quoted... I'll be needing a new hat myself! Thanks, and keep stitching and posting. Cami

  3. Cute socks, thanks for letting me know the flower is a cala lily. Yours are beautiful.

  4. HEY! I'm your team captain for Dish Rag Tag! Please email me at petsittt AT aol DOT com, so I can have your email addy! thanks! :)

  5. I completely understand about not wanted to wear knitted socks. Try making knitted slippers!


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