June 6, 2007

Just a Little Update

I haven't touched the sewing machine in days. The pink dress is still in the same state of undone. I did manage to get the skirt portion of the dress added to the top, I also tried it on, and although it will be a little bit big it will be fine. The dress will be fun for this summer. I have the white cotton lining pieces for the skirt all cut, serged and ready to be sewn together. But my days have been spent working and cleaning up the yard. All that I am allowed to do is clean up the yard. The roof is almost done - would have been done days ago if not for the lovely Seattle Rain. They worked for several hours last night in the drizzle, the did however have the brains to come off the roof when it was raining super hard. I did manage to sit on the couch this morning and cast on the front of the pink shell for the twin set I'm working on. First time I'm touched knitting needles in days. Felt good to just relax. I put a crafting show on DIY, made a cup of tea and knit away - at least for 45 minutes. As for other projects on the plate - I'm still trying to find the perfect crocheted lace for the lining on the black & white skirt. I have another dress cut out - which will hopefully be a wearable muslin for the brown & pink rayon dress to be made this Fall. Did I mention that JB got a new tv for Mother's Day? Well my brother is taking the old projection tv home with him. So after that finishing the curtains from last year becomes a front center project in my life. I will be so glad to have them done and not have the big stack of fabric sitting on my cutting table. It will also be really nice to be able to move the furniture around in the living room. With the big tv it was impossible to move the placement of anything. But the new tv is mounted on the wall over the fireplace. Okay - enough rambling, now I'm off the clean up the fallen shingles on the front lawn.

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