June 2, 2007

Home Improvements

This is what's going on at my house this weekend and for the first couple of days this week. We are getting a new roof and the house if being painted. Nothing like lumping all the major projects into one weekend. The problem: JB is as much of a procrastinator as I am. We have known that the house would need to be painted when we bought it. We then engaged in a little game of "maybe next Spring." Finally, we were ready to start our kitchen remodel and knew that doors and windows would be moved and new siding would be added - so we put painting off a little bit longer. The kitchen remodel has been completed for more than a year - closer to 16 months at this point. In April 2006 our roof sprung a leak along the valley that shows in the above photo. JB patched it and the leaking stopped. Yeah. Roofing project delayed. When my brother came for Thanksgiving - he said he would be happy to come out this year for his 'vacation' and help put the new roof on. That is JB in the blue shirt and my brother in the white standing on the roof - apparently, if you look at it long enough it will roof itself! Anyway, our neighbor is a professional painter and he said that at the very, very least any part of the house that you had to stand on roof to paint had to be done before the roofing - to avoid over spray on the new roof. So, JB and I both had Friday off, he spend the day finishing the prep work for painting and I ran the errands. the neighbor sent and employee over yesterday and they got the first coat of paint sprayed on the top of the house. This morning, we had 2 more of the neighbors guys show up at 8 and then helped finish all the prep work and continued spraying. When they left at 1:00p.m. The upper portions of the house were finished - 2 coats applied and the lower portions of the house all have one coat. Now to decide on the trim color. I know it's hard to tell but the house is now a very olive drab green (think Army uniform green). I like it - but it's dark the trim will have to be light and bright. After spending most of the morning running errands - money to pay the painters, water, sandwich stuff, nails for nail guns the proper valley metal etc. At 1 I was sent out to get another 10 gallons of paint. Man is painting a house expensive! It has taken close to 30 gals of Sherwin Williams highest end exterior house paint. Thank goodness the neighbor is a professional painter, I guarantee you we used his discount! When I finally was able to come in the house, you see I'm a girl and not allowed to help paint or roof. The mailman had brought me a box from Kansas! Jessica sent me a package and this is was in it: A really cute batik puppy. Some yarn bras, a row counter, some point protectors, 2 skeins of KPPPM in a fabulous color! I think they have to become Monkey's. She also included the cutest little card with a picture of knit sweater on the front. I wonder where she found them. I leave you with a picture of the batik puppy. I think he's adorable. This is one of her first sewing projects - that wasn't a quilt top. Can't wait to see the skirts she makes. Thank you Jessica.


  1. Here's a toast to the new roof and fantastic new painting! Hopefully you will have decent weather for the roofing project.

  2. I love the paint color!
    glad you like the box! The cards were a gift from a friend, i am not sure where she got them.
    i love the monkey socks. Runs With Needles http://runswithneedles.wordpress.com/
    posted them on her blog lately. Do you read her? She blogs about knitting, and her animals...what is not to love about that????
    Anyways, i am sure that Lucy Goosey is SURE that i made that puppy for her!

  3. Ah, home improvement projects - ugh. Hate them but they have to be done don't they. DH won't let me do some of the "man" work either. Silly boy...who does he think took care of all of the home repair projects when I was a single lady?

    I do like the color you choose and the roof line on your house is awesome.


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