May 20, 2007

Vacation without Photos

JB and I are Arizona. Man was it hot when we got off the plane in Phoenix! Triple-digits. Way too hot for me. We spent day one driving to our first B&B. Had an enjoyable scenic drive. I managed to get both fronts of the cardigan I'm working on finished between the flight and relaxing on night one. Day 2 we drove all over again! We are gluttons for driving vacations. Next year I'm planning someplace warm with a pool and we're just going to lay about for 4 days or so and not see anything! Anyway, we managed to find a really cool town on old Route 66. Stopped, got some photos (JB shoots film and I left the digital in the car), and bought some souvenirs. After that we boogied on up to The Grand Canyon. Wow! It's absolutely incredible. The view, the depth, all of it. If you've never been it's worth seeing at least once. We saw a small (5) heard of deer while we were in the park. But that's been just about the only wildlife - other than a few rabbits. I guess we did see some antelope on the first day's drive. After walking around the canyon for the better part of 5 hours, we were ready to find some food (we are both notorious for forgetting to eat). We found a steak house were all in all we just had a mediocre experience. I have spent the last 2 days wearing skirts and tee-shirts. The weather has been in the 80s and it is glorious. I have noticed that several of the woman are wearing skirts or dresses and layered tanks with them. In this heat (yes, compared to Seattle - this is hot!) a dress or skirt is much more comfortable to wear. Today we are headed up to the Four Corners and The Petrified Forest. Another long day in the car, some knitting, some navigating, lots of sight seeing and plenty of photo ops! Have a great day everyone and do some sewing for me :)


  1. Haha! I think we ate at that mediocre steakhouse! I sure hope that you go to El Tovar, though. I loved that place. Have a blast!

  2. Sounds great, except for the heat! Lol, I am from Cali so I like my breezy 90 degree weather! I have always wanted to go to AZ. though to go out and take pics of the desert and just get alittle more in tune with some of earths creations and chow down. I love vacations for 2 reasons: rest and food. For all you gourmet/travel enthusiast, Gourmet magazine is running a contest where you could instantly win a trip for 2 to a luxury resort for 2 days. Check it out and watch a clip from a top NY chef, answer 5 simple questions and find out if you're an instant winner. Its that simple. Just some inside scoop since I work with Gourmet.


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