May 25, 2007

Vacatation Recap

While 5 days away from home isn't a long time - it's definitely long enough. We were up with the sun on Thursday morning and after stopping for coffee - we were off to the airport. We landed in Phoenix around 1. It was incredibly hot! After getting our rental car, we took our time getting to the first B&B. The next day we were at The Grand Canyon. All these photos really show is that I need a new digital camera! I've been trying to talk JB into getting a Canon Digital Rebel to work with his Canon 35mm but he's resisting. Maybe I'll get a Rebel and he can use it. Anyway - The Canyon is breathtaking. It is just so incredible in it's beauty and the fact that it's just a huge whole in the ground created by nature. Incredible. The colors are so rich and amazing - I just don't even know what else to say. I truly didn't take a lot of photos - I left that to JB. 9 rolls to drop off today (I'm going to ask for digital on CD too)
On Saturday we drove through the mountains to Sedona. However, our favorite town was Jerome. Literally you went around a turn in the mountains and all of a sudden you were in a town! It just sprung right out of the mountain side. We parked and did some shopping in Jerome and I came home with my only souvenir from this trip - I beautiful handmade necklace with matching earrings. Driving through Sedona - we truly had to stop every few yards and just gasp at the landscape. All those pictures you see of Arizona and those Red Mountains - those are through Sedona. I can't believe how beautiful they are and how taken for granted if they are in your own backyard. By the same token I have incredibly views of the Cascades, the Olympics and Mount Rainier on my daily commute to and from work - I rarely take the time to just soak in the beauty of it.
Finally - this is a picture of petrified wood. It's just lying in the middle of the badlands - all by itself. Nobody really knows how it got there or what caused the trees to petrify. This vacation was day after day of sensory overload - the weather was fabulous - in the mid-to-high 80s daily. The scenery made you gasp for breath and we had fabulous meals. There really wasn't any fabric shopping. I found one cute little yarn store and really wanted to spend money to purchase yarn, pattern and needles to make a lace shawl or wrap - but the woman working there was too busy gossiping with a friend who stopped by to help me - so I spent my money elsewhere. Tomorrow - Instant Gratification Sewing project photos. Today is my boss' birthday and I made a fabulous gift - but I can't post today, because I don't know if she's ever stumbled upon my blog :)

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