May 31, 2007

It's Getting Easier

to keep my head in the weight management game. That is. Yesterday I was tired. I had sorta overdone it with the working out on Tuesday. I went to bed late on Tuesday night due to a series of unfortunate events - anyway, I slept late. so I didn't get a morning workout in. But I didn't add cream to my coffee and I had a yogurt and grapefruit (peeled and eaten like an orange) for breakfast. The Princess showed up at the office around noon and we took a 20 minute walk. Lunch was baby carrots and leftover Tamale casserole. By the time I finally left the office at 6 (I get off work at 4:30) I was almost in tears. The nice relaxing effect of the vacation is gone already. However - I did not sit down with JB and help him finish off the bag of chips with salsa. Instead I had a 2pt bar and big class of water. Dinner was baked fish, grilled butternut squash and a salad. I made sf/ff white chocolate pudding with frozen raspberries for dessert and got JB out to walk the big houndies. This morning saw me up on time, worked out and I took a nice, long (35 minutes or so) walk at lunchtime. Dinner tonight will be left over spaghetti with spinach & strawberries and hopefully an after dinner dog walk. Tomorrow is weigh in, our new roof is being delivered, my brother will be arriving sometime in the middle of the night, I will be working in the yard (on office work, not yard work) and sometime after that - this will return to a sewing blog. Speaking of which - I took the top for the pink dress upstairs with me last night. I left the right side open for the zipper, instead of the left. Anyway - I tried it on, the fit will be a little loose, but fine. The issue I was seeing is with a really, really crappy pressing job. So - literally - back to the ironing board I go!!!

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