May 7, 2007

The Birthday Gift

First - let me thank everyone for their input into this gift. I truly appreciate all the responses I got to my I'm Begging You! post. The box that contains all these goodies should be arriving on Jessica's doorstep today. In the box was lots of stuff!
I picked up the cutest little sewing themed tin at Hancock fabrics. I know that Jess does a little bit of sewing, but don't know what she has. I also know that she hasn't ventured into garment construction - but is interested in making herself some cute summer skirts.
So, also included in the box was an assortment of good maching needles, some pins, some hand sewing needles, some elastic, basic colors of good thread, a tape measure, a tomato pin cushion and skirt hooks. I purchased the Vogue Sewing Book and Singer Perfect Fit. I had never seen this book - and man did I want to keep it!!! I also included my favorite Kwik Sew skirt pattern - 3337 and New Look 6569. It has a cute little skirt and a basic tee.
Finally - I included some hand lotion and a bag of Laffy Taffy! That yarn that is showing in the final photo here is so Jess can make squares for Hokie Healing. She knits, she just doesn't have access to good yarn. So I sent her some :)
I hope she enjoys this package and can't wait to see the skirts that she makes!


  1. i LOVE everything SO much!! Perfect timing that you called right as i was carrying the box into the house, it was like you were there when i opened it. I am not going to get a single thing done today...i am having too much fun rooting through my box of presents!!! Thanks a million, you are the best!

  2. That is an amazing and thoughtful gift! Mmmm, my birthday is May 30th just in case you were wondering! *LOL*


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