May 1, 2006

May Goals

I'm stealing this from another blogger. Hope she doesn't mind. I thought it might give me some direction- it works with my dog walking group :) * finish print jean jacket - cut, interfaced and ready to sew. What's the hold up? *I need new skirts, decide on 3 styles/patterns and find fabric in the stash - update blog on progress *Finish sleeves of Wool-Ease sweater currently on the needles, and sew up. *Beau bag *Knitting bag and needle roll x 2 *Dog print tote bag *couple of dog bears from fake fur That should keep me busy for the month, especially when you consider I have a vacation in there, plus charity sewing for ASG which includes layette items, curtains for our meeting room and a tri-fold screen. Here's an update of the weekend sewing. From last Monday's list, I accomplished the following: *finish the topstitching on the denim skirt AND attach the waistband; Not only did I get the waistband attached, I got the skirt hemmed and wore it to work yesterday. I really like it, it fit well and was comfortable to wear all day. *I will trace at least one size of the baby layette pieces - I traced all the pieces of all the sizes I wanted to make. I also got one size small pink dress cut out. *I will cut out fabric for a mystery bag - well I didn't actually get this done as once I pulled the fabric out I found it hadn't been washed yet. But I did get both pieces of fabric washed, dried and ironed. The bag pattern has been traced, now to find sewing time :) *I will continue working on a wool long sleeved sweater that I have cast on and am enjoying working on. - I finished the front. I brought the equipment with me to work today to cast on the first sleeve. Friday, our LYS was having a sale. I managed to pick up some Debbie Bliss Alpaca silk in lime green to make a short sleeved summer sweater. I also got some periwinkle tencel to make a long sleeved scoop neck sweater. This will be a great transitional piece for spring and fall. Finally I got some strange brown fibre (I can't remember the content - only that the label said dry clean only) with funky pink threads and hunks running through it. I will use this to make a felted bag. I've already swatched, washed & dried it and it comes out wonderful - if hairy! Will definately have to line this bag. And does anyone know why the answer to a bad day is always sugar? How can anyone maintain their weight that way? I'm off to eat cottage cheese & peaches.

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