March 25, 2006

Weekend To Do List

First this will have to be quick as the animals are restless. The Beau Man is trying to help me type and with those big paws he just isn't very accurate on the keyboard. :o} So, I have plans to complete, or at least start the following items this weekend: *final fushia t-shirt. This is my morph top for the SWAP contest at Sewing World sponsored by Julie of Timmel Fabrics. The original top was burgundy and other than adding slits at the side seams I followed the pattern. This one I changed the neckline to be square. Hopefully this is enough of a change to qualify. *trace 2 new skirt patterns; the Chardonnay Skirt and the Strudel Skirt both from L.J. Designs A La Mode line. I have a goldish brown suiting fabric in mind for the Chardonnay Skirt and would like to use the new linen for the Strudel Skirt. I also think that the tan tencel from Julie would be great as a Studel. *cut out the three skirts mentioned above. *the final skirt for my SWAP will be a burgundy swing skirt made 2 years ago. I love the skirt - but it's too big now - so I want to remake this skirt. So this pattern will need to be retraced and the skirt recut and sewn. *I also have 3 bags to make out of dog prints. One needs to get done and into the mail no later than April 15th. I have been procrastinating on this project and it's time to get it moving. *As always - I have dogs to walk, housework to do, cooking, and a wedding reception to attend this weekend. That should keep me plenty busy.

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