March 31, 2006


Well this weekend between dog walks I will attempt to get serious about my SWAP. But I have a question for you all. The basis of SWAP or Sewing With A Plan is that everything works together and you have endless combinations of outfits. The wardrobe is built around a print - which I have and love. My print is a stretch woven that I got from Julie at Timmel Fabrics. Originally I was going to make a jacket and skirt from the fabric, but decided that the print was too large to be put on my backside : So, the plans are to construct a jean style jacket. I use the Peggy Sagers Carol's Jacket. I have made this before and it's relatively easy - all things considered. I will modify the pattern to add in-seam pockets. I purchased snaps from Snap Source at Expo which will coordinate wonderfully. The snaps were a little small, so I intent on spacing them a little differently, but putting 2 together at each point where a snap would be. The other element to the wardrobe in the number and type of pieces. There are 11 pieces total, the consist of 4 bottoms - either skirts of pants although the original inspiration wardrobe had 2 pants and 2 skirts - I believe. I will have 4 skirts as I don't really wear trouser type pants. There are 6 tops. 4 of them should be short-sleeved t-type. Can all the be the same pattern so they are easy to construct. The remaining 2 tops should be camp style, long-sleeve, button front tops. This is to increase your wardrobing options. These tops could be worn alone - buttoned, worn open over a t, or worn buttoned under the jacket. The final piece is the jacket. In the original wardrobing article - one botton front top and one skirt were made of the print - so when worn together they looked like a dress. So, here's my question. I have two long-sleeved botton front shirt patterns that might work. The first is Simplicity 9693:

The second is New Look 6952:

I really like both of these tops. In fact, I wore the New Look one I made last year just yesterday. My question is, finally, do these tops lend themselves to being layered? My gut reaction is no. So, do I go back to the drawing board and find a new pattern that does? Or, do I just make 6 t-style tops? Hmmmm . . .


  1. Gaylen,

    When I click your links I get an error message for the tops! If I could see the tops, I would be able to give an informed answer. Can you try placing pictures of the patterns in your blog? This works well for me and I am the most illerate computer person there is!

  2. Carolyn - I fixed the post by adding pictures. Of course, at this point, the deadline has passed. I am however, still interest in hearing what you think. Thank you - g


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