March 23, 2006

Photographic Proof

That I actually sew on occasion. There is also proof following that knitting gets done. Saturday's to do list looked something like this: *Block the Comforting Jef squares - I have 4 finished and planning on mailing Monday. This is done and got mailed on Monday. I forgot to include my info for Christine. The squares looked like this:

*Finish the fleece quilt. Operating in overachiever mode, I also made 2 pillows from the left-over fleece. The one shown has frogs from the print appliqued onto the red fabric. There is also a print pillow with frog background where I just free motion quilted around the lily pads, same as the blanket. The parents were pleased to have it. Showing up in the background are last year's plants which have now been pruned! * Finish the 3 hot pink tops for SWAP - I'm sad to say that these aren't complete yet, but I did get some face time with both the sewing machine and iron last night and all that is left to do is hem 2 of them. The third needs sleeves set in, neckline facing attached, turned & topstitched and then sleeve and bottom hems. Plan to work on that tonight.

* Walk big dogs - 75 minutes or more :) Only managed to get 70 minutes in on Saturday but made up for that on Sunday when we went to a beautiful park with natural trails and access to Lake Washington. The day was glorious, there is no photographic evidence however.

On another note - the learning curve with blogland is going remarkable fast. Much fasther than the learning curve I've experienced with garment sewing :o]

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