March 17, 2006

Meet the family

Life is apparently what happens when other things are planned. Things like tracing patterns on the conference room table at lunch time. Things like remembering to take your knitting to the Sewing Guild meeting so you could get another blue square finished. Things like actually completing 11 garments that fit for SWAP this year. The quality time with the conference room table got derailed because the Princess' (daughter #2) car was broken into last night. While she was smart enough to call the police and not mom, she still needed help handling the insurance, estimators, rental car people and getting it all scheduled. So, 2 hours out of the office this morning, meant no real lunch hour and no real time to trace my patterns. There is no good explanation for the forgetting to take my knitting last night. Other than I had just got back from a long walk with JB (the hubby), Lucy (bloodhound #1) and the Beau Man (bloodhound #2). Was running late for the meeting and thankful just to have my driving directions with me. The SWAP has way too many explanations (excuses) to list here, but the current one is that The Musical One (daughter #1) wanted a fleece 'quilt' to give to her immediate supervisor who's wife just had their first child. Because she's Musical and not crafty at all, what she really wants is for me to make this blanket/quilt. Last Sunday I embroidered the baby's name and birth date on a piece of solid red fleece. Red and cute frog print fleece were layer, cut to the same size and pinned on Sunday night. Free-motion quilting around the lilly pads was started. Since Sunday nothing has happened. Since the baby quilt is now occupying space on my cutting table - nothing else is happening either. Guess I better get some things finished this weekend! (Edited to fix grammar. I promise - I'll learn to proof read better, since that's how I pay the mortgage, feed the hounds, and support my hobby guess I should be able to manage it.)

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