September 18, 2023

End of Summer Sewing Plans

 I've got plans, they're multiplying! I figure if I lay them out here, there's a better chance they'll get done.

First: I have another Style Arc Nova Midi Dress cut out, this one's for me.  But I'm not sure I can currently face all the gathering after having just finished one for the solids loving daughter.

Second: I have a fall themed coffee print designated for a shirt for JB. In fact, I ironed the fabric and started cutting it - 2 days ago. I still only have the left front, both sleeves and one collar cut out.  

Third: I have a pretty knit on my table to make that same solids loving girl a knee length dress in her favorite muumuu pattern. This has been pulled since I made her a new maxi version after she had some surgery this summer and easy slip on dresses were her best friend.

Fourth: I bought a beautiful piece of linen at fabricmart this summer when I roadtripped with Marjie (I'm still mad that she found the black floral linen before I did) that wants to be a Peplum Split Tank. This is a trial run of the pjs I want to make for Christmas.

Fifth: I'm participating in another test that I'm really excited about and I've pulled and prepped the fabric for that. The fabric was another FabricMart retail store find and I couldn't decide if I wanted a shirt or a dress, so I bought it all. At $2/yard, why not?

Sixth: Vali dress with a pretty toile-like linen from FabricMart. I can't remember if I ordered it or bought it at the retail store during a SewCamp, either way, it's gorgeous! I think this might be my birthday dress this year.

Seven & Eight: don't have to get done this summer, but they are Christmas or possibly January birthday gifts. I have some fun fabrics to make a couple of Boundless Carryalls. I might use a different pattern for the one of the fabrics, but I want to use the faux leather for the bottom.

Nine: at least one tee for a special Ernie & Bert loving little boy.

Ten: Photoless project. Miss E asked if I'd make her a new robe. We just planned our next trip to see the grands and while I don't have to take them something every time I see them, it's nice. But also, her robe could be a project for Christmas or her birthday in January. Plus, being the crazy Gigi that I am, I decided when I bought the fabric that her dolls should have matching robes.

We'll see how much I can get checked off this list :) 


  1. The black floral linen hasn't told me what it wants to be yet. Ernie and Bert didn't turn into dresses for the twins yet, either. Maybe they'll be tees for the grandson and his sisters! Hooray for Fabric Mart road trips!



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