December 29, 2022

Year in Review

While I have been missing in action, I've been sewing too.  I am just really having issues getting photos - not even good photos - just ANY photos!  No photos means no blogging, because, well because.

So let's just do a little recap:

January - I made Eleanor a red wide wale corduroy jumper and the stud buttons (is that what they're called?) pulled out of the bib.  I also made Harris an outfit that was complete overkill.  Same red cord, but flannel lined pants and a matching jean style jacket - complete with bias bound seams.

I also made a quilt for Eleanor's 5th birthday.  Finishing it the night before her birthday and then forgot to take it :(

February - we were invited to our first Amish wedding and I had the honor of being asked to dress in the bride's colors.  For an Amish wedding, the bride doesn't wear a white dress, she picks a color and all the women from both sides of the family wear the same color.  I made a Cashmerette Holyoake skirt in a deep forest green color.  Then I used a beautiful border print to make a vintage shirt (Butterick 3724 from 1989) to wear with the skirt.  Unfortunately, I used the wrong interfacing and while the shirt is wearable it's stiff :(

wearing the shirt at a hair appointment this summer

March & April was about Easter Sewing.  Honestly, I don't know what my problem is but I procrastinate making, horribly.  This year, I used a pink bandana print that I bought a few years ago and made E the cutest dress.  I did have to buy coordinating gingham to make Harris' P4P Lumberjack Shirt.  I'm really enjoying making these sweet long sleeved button up shirt for him. 

May was vacation prep.  I actually finished 3 of the dresses on my to make list, but one was not good and went straight into the donate pile.  The other two were actually photographed & blogged.  Here & Here

After vacation I sewed up 2 more shirts for Jay's shirt collection.  I believe he's up to 45 now!  (no photos) Also, these were part of the coffee collection and I put them away for Christmas.

July was more kiddo sewing - I whipped up 2 huge new library bags to give the grands for Harris' birthday.  I also made Harris a two pair of pjs - one pink rainbows from FabricMart and the other was a darling green camping print cotton knit.  Eleanor got a dress from the leftover camping print and an unsuitable for public wear jumper. The Jumper is the Style Arc Norman and unfortunately it's just too low cut to be appropriate for a little girl to wear in public.  

We also hosted the first SewCamp of the year in July and I bought some more fabric.

In late July/eary August I very quickly sewed up two of those July purchases.  I made 3 versions of McCalls 6559 which is a great dress that my daughter loves!  I have had one cut out for a few years now, so it was nice to get that sewn up.  The other was from a pink print and I strategically folded the fabric to be able to make Eleanor's Hey June Racer Back Tank.  The third fabric was a silky soft mustard knit with white polka dots and I not only got the 2 dresses, I also cut a tee for Harris.

According to my photos, I also finished a ditzy print fringe that I was super excited about, but it too is a bust.  I knew that I needed to add length to the fringe's skirt, but I added too much and this dress looks dowdy!  It's still in my closet, even though I won't wear it because I'm still on the fence about taking it apart to shorten the skirt at the waist.

In late August, we hosted a private 4 night sew camp.  Those women were fun and encouraging!  I finally finished my version of M7969 from a silky print from JoAnn Fabrics and I love it so much I have a blue gingham version cut out.

Jay got 2 MORE shirts that actually went into his closet, one from a bicycle print and this fun kitchen print.

In September, I finished my first Wilder Gown with some shared end of bolt fabric from the SewCamp FabricMarch field trip.  I love that dress!  in fact, I bought a pretty rayon to make another (which I did, but I'm not sure I love it).

In October I joined a quilt along and made some really fun quilt blocks.  I'd be happy if they made it into a top before the end of the year.  I also made the Style Arc Naomi this month.  While the fabric was lovely, it was a horrible fabric/pattern pairing.  That curved seam, while a beautiful design element, just made me look like I was expecting.  Into the give away pile (are you keeping track?  That's 4 dresses this year that went from made to donate immediately.)

I finished my birthday dress in November. And while it has potential, it's missing something.  I did a pattern mash up - I overlaid the Southport bodice on the SA Naomi and used the Naomi sleeves.  I also raised the neckline on the Southport an inch and then used the southport's a-line skirt pieces.  It just feels busy, too busy.  Maybe a cardigan or possibly shortening the sleeves would help.

and I finished the year with flannel pants for all!  This year I also made 2 long sleeved tees for the grands and put matching HTV on all of their shirts.

So, while there's not a lot of photos to show for my sewing, I actually did complete a lot this year!  That's for sticking with me.  Let's hope 2023 is the year I get back to blogging regularly.


  1. You've been busy! I did a lot of knitting this year and some cross stitch too. We have a new puppy so my productivity has dropped till he can be trusted not to get into trouble. Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year to you! I'll have to pop over to meet the new puppy. Ours are reliable at this point, it's the B&B that keeps me from doing too much. I have started knitting more again, though ~ g

  2. Your sewing work is exquisite. Wow! How I wish I could sew like you. I can do just the basics. But I'm still learning. I made everyone reversible aprons this Christmas for gifts. BTW, I have that same rainbow fabric for my little granddaughter. I like what you made with it. Thanks for the ideas.

  3. Belated comment, but your McCall's 7969 is lovely!


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