December 31, 2022

2023 Goals

 I just a did year in review post and honestly, it was hard to remember what all I did crafty wise.  I got a silhouette vinyl cutter last year for Christmas and I've been using it. I've also been knitting and reading more this year.  

I have gone through most of the fabric shelves, refolding and sorting the fabrics.  I gave 2 boxes of cotton to a neighbor who makes charity quilts and a huge bag of scraps from Jay's shirts to a woman who makes crafts for a local shop in town.  There are 3 shelves of knit fabric still to go through.

1.  Finish refolding and sorting the fabric. Try and get all the fabric into the closet.

2.  Use what I have first - that includes fabric, patterns, notions and yarn.

3.  Make AND Blog one garment for me a month.

4. Easter Outfits for the grands

5. Flannel Pants factory

6. Share my books

7. Share pattern alterations

8. Share the fails.

I think that's a doable list.  I am getting ready to schedule some SewCamps for Carriage Corner and my goal will be 1 special piece of fabric that gets sewn right away.  I don't have space or the life span to just keep collecting.

With the exception of Cashmerette Club, no new patterns in 2023.  I have loads of patterns.  So many in fact, that I've run out of storage and having them printed is expensive.  I'm also going to keep my Ottobre Woman subscription.  While I've only made one dress from any of the issues, they are such wearable clothes and are very inspiring.

Share more on instagram.  Progress, process, etc.

What are you crafting goals for 2023?  


  1. Defiantly relate to the "use (or get rid) of what I have" goal! Unfortunately I'm pretty sure I am not going to totally succeed at it as I got a new fancy-pants new sewing machine just before Thanksgiving! I'm pretty sure I'm going to want/need so many things for it. Classes! Hoops! Feet! Supplies! But at the same time, I keep telling myself I can practice on the fabric I have......

  2. In 2023 I aim to continue to reduce my fabric stash. I keep a spreadsheet and track amounts in gifts/purchases vs sewn/sold/gifted with the aim to using 1.5 times more out than in. It's a slow way to purge and helps me to be more discerning about what I accept.

    I also seem to have become a pattern collector so I'm not buying any new patterns until I've sewn at least five that I haven't yet made.


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