October 10, 2019

Andie Anorack

Earlier this year, Rebecca Page Patterns sent out a call for pattern testers and brand ambassadors.  I applied and was selected to be a pattern tester.  

The Andie Anorack was my first real test.  

This is a fairly simple anorack style jacket that can be made in just about any fabric.  The pattern offers you a jacket in two lengths - this 'car coat' length and a long raincoat.  Depending on the fabric you choose, you could have a proper raincoat.

This coat has a lot of firsts for me and while the fit isn't perfect - I'm pretty happy with it for a first coat.  And it's fully lined!

I can definitely see pull lines radiating from the back to toward the hip and from the bust to the hip.  But honestly, I feel like I have enough room.  

Will I make this pattern again - no.  Will I wear this coat?  Yes!  I love this fabric.  I've had it for years just waiting on the perfect pattern.  The fabric and pattern were a good match, I could have done better with the fitting.  

There are certainly things I didn't like about the pattern.  I think the hem should be deeper.  I found the directions for inserting the lining and the back neck confusing and ended up stitching those together by hand. I found some of the fitting directions very confusion.  

Finally - when will I learn to do an FBA rather than trying to grade between sizes?  


  1. Cute jacket. I like all the details.

  2. I'm glad you stuck with this one and finished it; it came out looking really nice. I love your floral lining, too. As for not making it again, well, there are just so many coats that you need.

  3. This is such a cute style and I love your version! This color is so beautiful!

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