December 28, 2015

Ponte Lola

I made another Lola from Victory Patterns.  I really, really like this pattern.  I can see looking at the photos - that the fit still isn't perfect - but it's better than ready to wear and I like wearing it.

The fabric is a fantastic ponte that I bought at JoAnn's of all places.  It has a tiny bit of lurex in it giving a bit of sparkle.  I bought it in November 2014 to make Krystle PJ pants - that year she asked for nicer fleece pants rather than flannel because the New Jersey winters had been so cold.  I think I bought 4 yards because she's quite tall.  Once I got the fabric home - I determined it was too nice to make PJ pants out of and set it aside.

This year - finally - I pulled it out and cut into it.  Once I knew it wasn't going to be loungewear - I knew it would be a Lola for me and a magic pencil for her.  Somehow - deciding to keep the fabric intended for her PJ pants meant she had been cheated.  I had enough to make my Lola and 2 magic pencil skirts - one for each of us.

For a change - I didn't throw anything over this when wearing it.  I just added chunky jewelry, some handknit knee socks and taupe boots.  

I can see lines going from my bust to hip - what are those?  Too much room (doubtful)? or not enough room?  The dress is no tight through the hips and does not appear to get caught up on my booty!
Nice run there in my hose!

Anyway - a fun dress that is a quick make.  It's cute and comfy and dressed up enough for work, but not so dressy that I can't throw it on to go get groceries.  I think the knee socks (also me made) lend a bit of fun and they are what all the cool girls are wearing.

Also - trying out new winter photo shoot locations.  These were taking in our stairs.  All at the very top of the stairs.


  1. The dress is pretty on you and I really like the pic where JB is shooting down on you!

  2. Love this fun outfit! I have had this pattern printed off for AGES and stalled out on the grading up! Grr. I need to make it ASAP as it is freezing here and I need something to wear with leggings and snow boots for the next month or two ;)

  3. This dress looks great! I love the purple on you and the socks are perfect with it. You really make me want to try this pattern again. Leaving off the pockets is a great idea.

  4. Love the color on you! JB should shoot all of your pictures looking down the stairs; it's a great setting. Happy New Year, G!

  5. Oh, it's fabulous! You are right, that fabric was too good to be pj pants. The color is perfect and I love your boot socks, too!


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