September 11, 2015

The Dress

Honestly - I don't love the photos of these dress.
Honestly - I'm not loving much these days. 
But I do love this dress - it's full and twirly and was perfect to wear to a wedding.

This dress is completely different than the dress I had in mind when I bought the fabric.
This dress is a mash-up of patterns, some drawing to get what I wanted.
The bodice is a modified Elisalex and the skirt is from Butterick 5930.
I plan to do a 'behind the scenes' post to show you close ups of the front neckline. 
The bodice of this dress is lined and I hand picked the zipper. 

How about a last photo of JB and I all cleaned up and ready to go to a wedding.  


  1. It's a lovely dress and I understand about the pics but maybe it's just the time of the year. Y'know that in between stage where everything is a little unsettled that's making you not like much!

  2. I love your dress. The fabric pattern is perfect for a summer wedding. You look lovely.
    Bonnie @

  3. well, you look like you're loving everything in that last photo! i feel ya. it's nice to have those little full smile moments. the dress is happiness.

  4. I love this dress, Gmarie! And that last photo is too cute. The v-neck back is just such a great detail. I know what you mean about not loving much these days, I've been feeling pretty negative myself lately. Here's hoping things start looking up for both of us!

  5. The dress looks very nice on you, Gmarie. And the last one is such a happy picture.I can understand your comment about not loving much these days. I have been struggling the last couple of weeks, too. Mixture of so much, parents, kids, work, business, etc. I hope you feel better soon, I just wanted you to know you are not alone with that comment.

  6. Love your dress..Looks comfortable, And very pretty fabric.. Love the photo of you and JB..

  7. Im in a funk right now, too. Maybe it is the time of year. You, however, look so very lovely in your twirly dress. That is a very pretty fabric.

  8. It's a really pretty dress, and I love the pink cardigan to go with it. The picture of you and JB is wonderful.

  9. Oh look at you, two! You look so happy!! I love that fabric and how your dress looks and you can tell that you're so loving it!

  10. Beautiful dress, beautiful you, but I LOVE that photo of you and Jaybird!!


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