June 15, 2015

Just Another Lady Skater

There really nothing to see here.  Just another Lady Skater Dress.  I don't use the bands on the neckline or sleeves - can't be bothered.  

This was cut and sewn at Sew Camp back at the end of March.  JB - who rarely notices my clothing - said this dress looked good when I wore in on vacation in Spain!  

The fabric is pretty floral with bright blue flowers all over it.  Along with some red, pink and white.  I bought this at Fabric Mart - and honestly - it was a pretty quick turn around from purchase to garment!

I need to remember to raise the neckline - or at least widen the shoulders when I make this pattern.  This dress is comfortable and easy to wear.  I'm in love with florals this year.  Pretty soon my closet will have nothing but floral dresses in it. 

Just a few out-takes.  JB and The Musical One thought it would be fun if I posed with Hank the Heron - too bad it's blurry.  I like the dress in black and white - if anyone sees a print like this - please let me know!


  1. This dress and print look fabulous on you! Nice job - love the photos.

  2. I love that floral print! So pretty!

  3. It's pretty! I made a Lady Skater in light blue, and have meant to make another but life happens while I make other plans. I love your floral print; I've been making florals myself.

  4. I like florals too. The colors in that one are really pretty.

  5. That floral print looks so lovely on you! Everything about this dress is flattering. I love Hank the Heron, too!

  6. Ok Gaylen, you made me laugh! There's one picture here with a teeny tiny mini bloodhound perched on your right shoulder. a wee fairy-hound. I love the dress.


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