February 14, 2014

Playing with Print

 I wore this dress to work today and realized I had never shared it on the blog. 

It's another version of the Butterick 5454 wrap dress.  I cut this dress with the grain going all over the place.  I placed the fronts along the cross-grain so that the border was on the running along that diagonal edge.  Then I cut the skirt so the border was at the bottom.  The sleeves were cut with the border along the hem edge as well. 

Rather than put the pleats that the pattern calls for - I gathered the fronts into the shoulder seam and also gathered the skirt onto the bodice. 

Because of the way the pattern feel on the fabric there is a small edge of the border on the back right above the waist seam. 

After all of that - I cut a piece of the border print and appliqued it to the front overlap portion of the skirt.  I made sure to match the print up and miter the corner. 

It's an interesting dress - but it's not my favorite. 

I love the print, I love the colors in it.  It's comfortable but . .  .

there is something about it that I can't explain.  I think I've only worn it twice since I made it back in October. 

What is it that makes a garment something you reach for again and again?


  1. This really looks nice. I see so many sewing blogs with things that don't really fit or are really not flattering and I think, why are you wasting your time and money. But you hit this nail on the head. Great use of material and design.

  2. Nice! That's some wonderful border placement. :)
    I definitely have the same thing about wearing some pieces over and over and others only once or twice as well, though. It's weird.

  3. I love what you did with the border print - so clever!

  4. I generally reach for those garments that make me feel good and that are comfy. If there is something that doesn't quite fit that bill, it stays in the closet more often than not. Can't explain it any better than that. I do think the dress looks good on you.

  5. This dress is really cool... the print is awesome. I think it looks really great on you!

  6. Nice job on the miter!

    Comfort and color play a big role in the clothes that are my favorites.

  7. I think it looks great on you but one time Carolyn said "the wearabiltiy test". That is so right, it is how it wears, feels and how you feel wearing it.

  8. You did a fantastic job on placing the border print.. I love, love it...Looks great on you too..Don't you just love a wrap dress?]
    I think the things that I really end up wearing a lot...is the more comfortable garments. And I seem to enjoy summer sewing too.

  9. I like the way you got the border all the way around it. Maybe you don't like how it feels because the grain goes in so many different directions?

    Oh, and you will be pleased to know that the weekend after New Years - just before the s**t hit the fan here - I made a light turquoise Lady Skater dress! I needed to shorten the bodice a little, because I didn't like how the waist seam fell, but I wore it to the hospital (and stayed in it for 3 days, comfortably), and I've worn it a couple of times since. Cass is urging me to do it in a purple and black stripe that's been in the stash since she was about 7. So thanks for the gift that carried me comfortably through 3 of the worst days I've ever had.

    And Happy Valentine's Day to you and JB

    ((((Hugs)))) Marjie

  10. You are a dress machine! Another comfy looking dress!
    Perhaps it is the business of the print that makes you not feel up to wearing it on some days. I have to be feeling pretty peppy and awake to wear such a bold and fluid print.

  11. I love that dress. Has anyone landed on what you don't love about it?

  12. I love the look of this dress and the print! I'm wondering if it's maybe not as comfortable as your other dresses because you placed the print on a different grainline... or maybe just because you know you did? I'm not sure why it's not a go to dress but I'm thinking it must have something to do with the comfort factor as it looks gorgeous on you. I have clothes I've made and love the look of but don't tend to wear them much purely due to them not being as comfortable as some of my other outfits that I've made. I'm thinking this could be the same for you... but hey I could be wrong lol

  13. I think the cut of the dress suits you and is very flattering. Whilst the fabric is nice, I think the scale is too big for you and dominates. Try this pattern in a solid, perhaps navy. I think that would look sensational on you.


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