January 21, 2014

Penny, Penny, Penny

Inspired by Handmade by Heather and Katie I rushed out and purchased the PDF copy of the Penny Pinafore.  I especially love this version and actually have some of that multi-colored zig-zag.  If I could get away with wearing a floral and zig-zag version I would totally do it.

Anyway - the first weekend in January - I spent some time putting together PDF patterns.  The Lola from the last post and Penny.  Something I read on Debbie's blog made sense and I trimmed all 4 sides of each page.  She had printed out a PDF pattern that was to print all the way to the edges and then you butt the pages together.  She said it was much easier to assemble the PDF.  So I did that.  I did find that it made it easier to fold the taped pages and set the assembled PDF aside - I'm a tracer. 

This fabric is a lovely, heavy knit that I think I bought from Emma One Sock, many many years ago.  I bought it with the idea of making The Musical One a dress, but she didn't love it and didn't wear skirts or dresses at the time.  Over the years, I've pulled the fabric out many times to sample patterns, but it had never been cut. 

Thankfully the print was not directional at all, because I had pieces running every which way.   I've worn the dress twice already since I've made it.  I think I need to do some color blocked versions, if I can find a couple prints that work well together. 

Like the Lady Skater Dress - this is a fun, flattering style that is easy to wear.  Like the Lady Skater Dress I added 6" to the pattern.  This time I gave it a 2" hem.  I sewed the entire dress up on my sewing machine.  With the exception of the pattern prep - which I did over 2 evenings - it took me a day to make this dress, from wrinkled yardage to a hemmed dress. 

I haven't done a bunch of sewing since that first weekend.  But I do plan on making some more dresses this month. 

I still want to make some more Anna's and I also want to work on Elisalex.  Soon, soon. 


  1. I'm loving all the pretty dresses !

  2. I love it!

    The fabric is perfect for this style.

  3. Love this dress... And the color is great on you.. Happy sewing.

  4. That is such a cool fabric! I love it, kind of psychedelic, at least with my awesome eyesight! I love the color. cute dress, and love the boots, too.

  5. You look so comfortable in that dress, and isn't that what really matters?! It's pretty and so are you!

  6. Cute dress, and lovely color for you!


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