January 7, 2014

Final Make of 2013

On the day of my office holiday party, I decided I needed a new dress.  Mostly because JB did not like the sparkly Ottobre dress.  What's a girl who sews to do?
If you follow me on Instagram, you know I headed downstairs around 11.
Traced the long skirt pieces of Anna, pressed the fabric and started working on layout.
Ran upstairs and had JB measure how long I am from back neck to floor
folded all the pieces up and tried layout again
folded the pieces up once more (for a total of 4" out of length) and finally got it all to fit
Cut dress out.
grabbed bucket of serger thread, tested, rethreaded serger, tested again
it was now 1:25
we were suppose to be downtown at 3

I will tell you for the party - this dress wasn't even hemmed.
It's a nice heavy jersey and it didn't need a hem.
I put the entire dress together with my serger
the only place it saw my sewing machine was the neckline and armholes.
Because it was a party - I cut the back into a deep v as well.

This is how I wore it work.
Black ankle boots, jean jacket and a plaid scarf.
Oh - and I hemmed it - 1.25" (that's 5.25" shorter than the pattern pieces!)
Looking at these photos - I could take about 1/2" out of the shoulders
and maybe take it in just a smidge.


  1. Well, that must have been long enough for JB. I'm sure you very nicely made the point :). I remember making a dress for a last minute invite to an Air Force Ball - I was literally finishing it off in the car!

  2. VaVaVoom! Fabulous! We are SO lucky we sew at times like this ;-)

  3. Beautiful.. and some fast sewing.. Great job.

  4. A really nice looking dress and it suits you so much! So sophisticated!

  5. Very nice - the color looks great on you, too.

  6. such a great holiday party dress! i love the long length.

  7. Lovely! I would never have thought of sewing this in a knit, but it clearly works brilliantly!

  8. Very nice! On my monitor it looks almost salmon color. Is it actually red?

  9. Very cute dress, love the color and how you styled it.

  10. Stunning! The first photo is my favorite; you could pass for your girls' sister.

  11. Love the dress....you are incredibly brave! I'd freak myself out on that kind of timeline.

  12. This is a great dress and I love how you improvised yet got such a wonderful dress not only for the party but also to wear to work!

  13. Holy moly! You look amazing in this dress! A real knockout...love it!

  14. I think it looked great for the party, and what a bonus that you could make it work for everyday, too. What's a girl who sews to do, indeed.

  15. This dress looks great on you. Such fast sewing, I am envious!


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