April 6, 2013


I have been busy and distracted - for that I'm sorry.
I do have new stuff to show you.
I've been making clothes and even wearing them.
JB has taken some lovely photos.
But - you'll have to wait to see some of them.
Today - I need to tell you who I'm sending the patterns to.
I had 5 comments on the give away post.
One person specifically said - don't pick me.
that left 4.
I used the very scientific method of asking JB to pick a number.
Between 0 and 5 - because sometimes he's very literal.
He picked 3 - that's Sue!
So Sue - watch your mailbox. 


  1. Wow, thank you. I love getting things in the mail. I'll be watching. And I'll get the sewing machine warmed up this weekend in anticipation.

  2. Sounds perfectly scientific to me. Hey, I sent out a book based on what name Thor drooled on, so I say, whatever works! And Sue will doubtless enjoy the patterns!


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