November 5, 2012

The Border Print Wrap

There's not a lot to say about this dress. It's another version of B5454. .
The fabric came from Girl Charlee and it's thinner than I expected,
but still worked great for this dress

Photos taken in our hotel room while we were in Vegas.

JB is getting better - but um, hon?  Could you tell me when I'm all wrinkled across the back?
I'm sure he didn't even notice.

Border matching at the side seam.  This side is better than the other.
The border print is a wave - so matching was difficult.
But I didn't too horrible of a job.
In Vegas I threw on sandals and went out with bare legs.
At home, tights, boots, and a cardi.
I love this dress and am wondering how many wrap dresses is too many.


  1. I think that one is my favorite so far. I love border prints but because I'm so short they don't always work well for me.

  2. You've asked the too many wrap dresses question before. I take it you want us to give you a firm answer, not just "there's no such thing as too many of a dress that fits and flatters"?

    My answer is, who cares?! Just keep making dresses that make you smile like you are in the top photo...

  3. I LOVE that border print!!! You are so lucky! There are no border prints to be found for love nor money around here! Your dress is superb.

  4. It's really pretty. You always look great in earth tones.

    How many wrap dresses is too many? Oh, maybe 100.

  5. I would say never too many ~ they all look so different depending on the fabric and how you trim them ~ and you look terrific in them. Men don't see wrinkles don't you know that??? Kinda like dogs can't see color ~ hope you got lucky in Vegas :)

  6. This is my favorite, too. It looks fabulous on you!

    Congratulations on matching the print at the sides - quality work, my friend.

  7. If you keep picking such great prints, you can make as many as you want! Lovely dress!

  8. I really don't think there can be too many!!!

    We too were comfy in Mexico last week and now....brrr. but it is okay. Im welcoming it

  9. Im loving this and I love the colors. I am in such envy of your sewing skills. you look great in it by the way!!!

  10. Wow, that's one hot dress! Hope you had fun on your trip!!


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