September 24, 2010

Muslin-ing Around

Front with helper
so - I'm still plugging away on the beignet, I'm on the third muslin an about ready to cut into real fabric.  In the meantime I decided to work on a dress Simplicity 3238.  If I remember right, I cut a 14 through the shoulders, to a 16 at the waist to a 18+ at my fullest hip.

It's not perfect, but really it's not horrible.  It's a bit more 'fitted' than I'm comfortable wearing. It looks like there are some vertical wrinkles above the bust to the neck - think that's too much width there, right? 

Then there's the issue of the wrinkles under the best.  Need to pull out my books and figure out what to address first - I think it's width and then length - but I never remember.

side view

From the back - not too bad.  Maybe a bit extra length in the armholes.  All in all - I think I'm pleased and can figure out what to do from here.  If nothing else - it will give A and I another project.  But really - I'd like to sew something I can wear out of the house one of these days! 


  1. I hope your four footed helper is more help than mine. I have a couple that like to lie on the foot pedal nd others that just like to steal. Of course there is one who waits till I'm busy at the sewing machine to go check out the kitchen counters.

  2. Can't answer any of the sewing questions, but I think more fitted than you like is very flattering.

  3. I wish I could sew... I always say that... but of course when would I have TIME to sew? =)

  4. I like it that fitted! It's very flattering, as Chan said.

    When I end up with wrinkles around the bust, I start putting in extra darts. If it wrinkles between the bust and shoulder, I always have to take some fabric straight up onto the shoulder seam - shorten the front of the "strap", if you understand what I mean.

    We finally got the furnace fixed yesterday, so of course it's 82 degrees today. But I'm thinking a princess seamed dress in that pink velour I got back in the spring would be really nice to have. If they say it's good for a jogging suit, then it's good for a casual dress, right?

  5. Hi: One of my first princess seamed dresses had wrinkles under the bust. You might consider a slight full bust adjustment. The extra room allows the bust area to drape over the bust more easily. The verticle wrinkles may be helped by taking up the front chest-shoulder area and doing a slight forward shoulder. In other words, happy fiddling!


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