September 29, 2010

Feeling Sassy

So this summer during one of my pity party fabric shopping trips - I came away with the this pretty purple and lime green floral pique.  I made another version of the Carolyn Skirt.  I love this skirt and while not a straight skirt it always fits me well. 

I also had my new boots - because while the calendar says Fall - the weather in my neck of the woods has not said Fall. 

 I felt very sassy in this outfit. 


  1. Totally love the skirt, the boots, and that you felt sassy. Adore that first photo too. Helpers are wonderful, aren't they?!

  2. That's a cute outfit. I love a good gently flared skirt; it makes you feel like you still have a waistline while not accenting those baby bulges that follow us for decades!

    Glad to see your sidekick getting in the picture, too!

  3. Wonderful fabric in the skirt, which is such a well cut design - I even went and looked at the pattern details. Then with the new boots, well - sassy = yes, however I'll add you look really Hot, with a double Yes!!

    Dear G, you look to be feeling as good as you truely look in this ensemble! No wonder that darling bloodhound wanted to be in the photo with you,

    sending care and huggles, Michelle (with determined Zebby Cat purring from the bed behind me!!!)

  4. We stopped by a thrift shop today to look for some blankets for the dogs. We found several nice ones, but I found a big bag of uncut fabric for $3. There are several pieces but the one I was most interested in was a big piece of suede cloth.

    I've heard of people scoring great finds at these places, but I'd never found anything other than toys for the dogs.

  5. Love the skirt. I have been seeing people in boots all week and can't get used to it. I guess summer really is gone. Sigh....


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