April 7, 2010


So - I ordered the navy eyelet as suggested by Carolyn and it's arrived. It's lovely - in it's protective plastic bag. I believe this is the most I've ever spent per yard on fabric and y'all know I'm chicken. I don't want to cut into it. To date - I have traced the pattern. That's it. What's the hold up? Besides fear? Well - my doctor asked me to lose a few pounds. So, I've been seriously counting calories and I'm slowly dropping. While I think if this dress fits in the bust and shoulders I won't have a problem with fit if I'm 20-30# less, but do I want to risk it? Do I want it to be a one season dress that won't fit when I'm down a few more pounds? I don't think so. I see this dress as being fun and quirky. Being able to wear it for quite a few seasons with different colored slip dresses under it. I can see white, lime green, and pink to name a few - what colors can you see under the navy blue? And what would you do about the weight loss issue? Wait? or Sew for the Body I'm living in Now? (For the record, I'm down just under 10# in 2 weeks.)


  1. Don't sew, so I can't help you. I do know that "we" are supposed to glorify and dress the bodies we have to the nines.

    Keeping in mind that I can't even sew buttons on with any real elegance... as long as you're going down, isn't it possible to make the dress smaller next summer?

  2. Since you are losing the weight, I would wait a couple more weeks and then try a sample dress. I'm cheering for you to keep the successful weight loss up! I promise, no more cakes this week.

    I see white and pink under that dark blue. Maybe silver, too!

  3. I'm with Chan... no help here, sorry... the fabric is lovely though!

  4. Sew and use a simple dress pattern where the seams will be easy to alter. But I have to say that I was scared...in my blog dashboard all I could see was the title and the fabric and I thought OMG she didn't like it! Glad that wasn't the case!

  5. YELLOW!! OMG I love blue & yellow!! The lace is GORGEOUS too (see, I can SEE it now. hehe)

    Congrats on the weight loss! I should buddy up with you for motivation, haha. I buddied with Kristine and she's already left me in the dust. Wait. Maybe you two should buddy & I should just eat what I want! :P

  6. Try a sample dress in a less expensive fabric first. Make it to fit now, then try making some alterations for the new streamlined you.

    I see hot ping and bright blue for fun times and black and flesh color for special sexy evenings. Lots of fun things to do with it.

    A boyfriend's mother bought some super expensive fabric and asked me to make her a suit. I was terrified to cut into it, but it turned out beautifully.


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