April 5, 2010

I'm Turning Into the Harlot!

Which Harlot you ask? Well The Yarn Harlot of course. JB's father recently died. I decided - 4 days before leaving town for the funeral that JB's sister needed a shawl. See - she had spent the majority of the past 5 years caring for the parents - essentially by herself even though they
are a rather large family with 8 kids. So I stopped by the yarn store and picked up Sugar Rush - a yarn made from sugar cane. It's quite shiny - but doesn't have much of a twist so it's very splitty. Then I trolled Ravely looking for a free pattern. These days I spend my hard earned craft money on yarn and find lovely free patterns.
I started on Sunday night and was clicking along at a great pace until I hit the 4th pattern repeat. At which time I completely forgot how to count. I would get halfway through a row and my stitch count would be off. So back I would go - painfully, unknitting one stitch at a time.
On Friday morning, I had started the 20 border rows and was through 6 of them. Since JB had a second shoulder surgery on Wednesday - I had to drive!! I drove to the border crossing and then he took over. I very slowly knit each row, holding my breath that I would have enough yarn - because what I had was it! I finished weaving in the ends as we were driving into town. We went to straight to the hotel, where I dunked the shawl in the sink and they pinned it out in the hotel room. We cranked the heat and went to meet up with the family. I was able to gift the shawl on Saturday morning before the service.
Why does this make me like the Harlot you ask? Well she is often finishing and blocking things in her hotel room to wear that same day or the next and it was the only thing I could think of.


  1. It's lovely and I'm sure she was happy to receive it. How's JB' shoulder feeling?

  2. Wow, that IS A lovely pattern. You're so very thoughtful...

  3. My condolences to JB and the rest of the family. That's a nice shawl you made for his sister; I'm sure it made her feel appreciated. Hope JB's shoulder does better this time around.

  4. the shawl is stunning and i am sure it was greatly appreciated. it is amazing what we can do with proper motivation

  5. Wow. That's a beautiful shawl. I can't believe you knit it up so quickly. Did I miss the part where you mentioned what patter that was? It looks like it would be a great summer knit.

  6. It is gorgeous... you are so thoughtful and I'm sure she was overwhelmed!

  7. it's absolutely lovely gaylen. i'm sorry about JB's dad. hope his sister felt the love you knit in each stitch and it brought her some comfort.


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