August 4, 2009

Umbrella Stands In Action

okay - so here's the pot i showed you yesterday. it's it pretty sitting there on my dirty deck? guess i should clean the deck off, huh? Anyway - later this week sometime, i'll tell you what it's holding with that pretty little metal stake. here's the pot that started it all. it's there -- under out patio table. the girls bought me the table and chairs for mother's day one year and they bought JB the pot, a bag of concrete and the umbrella the same year. those girls of mine are pretty clever.

here's a close up of it under our table. one thing to consider when you pick a pot - is will it fit under your table? that's important if the pot will be holding the umbrella that you use to provice shade while at your table.

another use for a concrete filled pot with a tube? a bird bath. in this case the pot was built as detailed yesterday. using a smaller diameter piece of PVC pipe. then, JB put a larger diameter piece of PVC on the smaller piece. the bird bath portion is a fairly shallow plastic serving platter which he attached a PVC coupler to the bottom of with plastic glue of some sort. the coupler fits into the pipe, the platter is filled with water and we have happy splashing birds. if you build a stand - i would love to see how you use it.


  1. Now we should have a picture of you and JB sitting under the umbrella sipping tall cool drinks.

  2. Sue's right. Where's the shot of Jay enjoying the fruits of his labor?

  3. Decks are outside. I have yet to find a way to combat outside dirt. So, your deck looks good to me! I didn't know he'd made 2 of them!

  4. they look fantastic. sorry, won't be making any of my own. no room for umbrella & outdoor furniture on our very small lot


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