August 5, 2009

This is How Much of a Dork I Am

The red pot. The one that was used for the tutorial on how to build your own beautiful umbrella stand. It was for my new clothesline! yep! I love it. I have wanted one for awhile - finally, I couldn't stand it any longer and went on an all out hunt to find one. It's had 2 loads of laundry on it already. i love air dried clothes - I'm pretty sure there isn't much of anything better - plus look how great it is for showing off finished sewing projects. Hey Miss D - I had a photo shoot in my mind just for you, but JB wouldn't cooperate. High heels, skirt, apron and pegging out the laundry. I'm sure you can imagine it. So - that quilt hanging on my line right now? Well I made that top during The Princess' senior year in high school. And then she decided she didn't like sunflowers any more. A week or so ago - she yelled at me and got really mad because both The Musical One and Miss L have quilts that I made and she doesn't. So, I offered to attempt to finish this one up before she drives to Connecticut at the end of this month. But of course, she can't decide if she likes it and would actually use it - so here it is kiddo. Let me know so I have time to layer and quilt it :)


  1. I totally see it. Don't forget the pearls!
    Believe it or not, I used to have a clothesline. (But not an apron!) I fondly remembered helping my grandmother pin her laundry up in Wichita Falls, Texas when I was really young.
    I later took it down. You could DRY clothes outside pretty much all year in Texas. I ended up WASHING them on the line up here in Washington!
    Anon Miss D.

  2. It's very creative. I can see you all dressed up hanging out the clothes. Very 1955!!

  3. Aren't you all elegant with the heels and pearls. And JB didn't want to see this hanging clothes? He must have been having a miserable day! I think your quilt top is pretty; I sure hope Princess makes up her mind soon. Sheesh! Kids these days!

  4. I love clothes that have been line dried. Unfortunately, we don't have anywhere good in our back yard to put a clothesline.

  5. Love the umbrella clothes line, and the quilt too! I never said that I wouldn't use it, I just said I didn't know what it looked like!!

    The quilt is very delightful, and I will definitely use it to keep me warm in a minimally heated CT apartment through the winter! (Maybe you should put some extra batting in it to make it warmer!! lol)

    Thank you!

  6. You're not a dork. Either that, or I know a lot of dorks...

    Pretty quilt! Glad the Princess has decided she wants it.

  7. Where did you get your clothesline, and do you have any recommendations when shopping for a clothesline. You have sparked an interest in me to mimic your set-up. Thank you!!


  8. One dork to another... LOL
    I have two clothes lines in the back yard. I went with the retractable ones. I stretch them across the yard when in use then put them back after I'm done. :)
    Love how clothes smell after being hung out in a breeze all day.

    And I love that quilt, it's lovely.

  9. Love clothes hung outside. The clean smell of air dried sheets are the best.
    Hubby isn't too fond of the "exfoliating" towels. He says it's like drying with cardboard. But I'm happy to keep the pennies in my pocket instead of lining utility "fat-cats." LOL


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