December 16, 2008

Thanks Angie

Sunday, I spent the day down in the studio. I had decided to make embroidered bone stockings for the vet and his team. So, while the embroidery machine was running, I cut strips of the print fabric and serged them together following Angie's tutorial for patchwork tissue covers. Mine aren't nearly as cute as hers, but they will do in a pinch and they kept me occupied. Again - thanks for the idea Angie.


  1. These are really cute! I'm sure the vet's office will love it!

  2. VERY cute. One of these days, I'm going to be inspired to do more than talk about learning to turn my sewing machine on.

  3. Hey! Shouldn't you be packing right now? This is not the time for sewing, when the sun awaits you.

    Madeleine *loved* Twilight, btw. I think I've created a monster. Miss you, and I'll try and call you tomorrow, just to get a vicarious vacay frenzy. C

  4. i think they are quite cute. who doesn't love a cute little tissue cover for their bag?

  5. Oh, those are super cute...great gift!


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