December 12, 2008

Coffee Swap Package

Monday when I got home there was a pick-up slip from the post office. I was pretty sure what it was as I had received an email from my Coffee Swap partner Miss Reb, saying the package was on it's way. Why I didn't throw the camera in the car Tuesday morning I can't say, but I didn't. After spending a good bit of time in the post office line - I ripped into the package in the car! I may have even eaten one of the little chocolates before I even got back to the office. <---- Over there you can see the entire package. There were two packages of coffee, flavored cocoa mix, candy, double pointed needles and yarn! There was also the cutest soap shaped like an ice cream sundae cone. See the top of it? How cute is that?
The two skeins of variegated yarn? It's fancy free luxury sock yarn in color 101 - the blues. I love it! Sock yarn with alpaca in it is a bit of a luxury - no?
The grey/gray is baby alpaca lace. My ability to switch between metric and imperial measure sucks - but there is 400 meters in this tiny little hank - that's a bunch! I'm pretty sure this will make a fabulous scarf to wear with my red coat (it's a new year project - I promise!)
So, thank you Miss Reb - I love it all and seriously can't wait to knit with those lovely yarns.


  1. What a great package! Yet again, I wish I had a touch screen, as in I wish I could touch the baby alpaca...

  2. What a nice surprise at the end of a stinky week. That ice cream sundae soap is so cute! And chocolates are guaranteed to make everything better.

    1 meter is 1.1 yard, so that's like 440 yards (yeah, I'm sort of a math nerd - goes with being an engineer - sorry)! Sounds like enough for an awesome scarf! And the sock yarn sounds soft and warm.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. What a lovely gift! Yes, alpaca in sock yarn is awesome!!
    oh my, i just realized i have not pulled out my handknit socks yet this season...shame!

  4. oooooo!!!!! alpaca. Love it

    How's Abigail Jane?

  5. I'm so glad that you like your package. It was great fun putting it together for you. Enjoy!


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