August 14, 2006

White Skirt

I actually started on this by tracing the pattern a week or so ago. I then tried it on. Can I just say it truly is time to get back to my weight management program? Yesterday I retraced the pattern - don't ask - and cut the eyelett. The princess helped me fit the back as I always need bigger darts. This is gored skirt that doesn't have darts, but the seam allowances work the same way. This morning I plan on sewing up those darts and setting in the zipper - then it's onto the lining pieces. With any luck by the end of the week, I'll finally have my white skirt I've been dying for all summer. Thank Goodness for living in the Pacific Northwest and being able to wear this skirt into early October :) This morning I was up at 5:30 and got in 35 minutes on the treadmill. I made oatmeal with peaches for breakfast. Listened to my body and quit eating when I was no longer hungry - satisfied. Gave the rest to Beau. Now Lucy is mad at me :) I swear I can never win in this house. Tonight the plan is to fix leftover tamale casserole for dinner, walk dogs and work on the skirt while watching The Closer. I missed it last week because JB started watching some crazy movie. I do try to spend evenings with him - usually he comes down to the sewing room to play on the computer and we watch tv down there. Pictures to follow later today. I hate having my picture taken and that is apparent from all the photos I'm in. The Princess took them and told me I was a dork! I just need to find 10 minutes during my work day to move them from my email to yahoo and then load them to blogger - I'm tired just thinking about it :)

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