August 14, 2006

Just Sew You Know -

I hate having my picture taken. Here are a few of the outfits that have been made this year : There are 3 versions of Kwik Sew 3098. The first was out of a stone colored stretch twill. It has a lapped center back zipper. This skirt was originally cut out in a size XL. After cutting, I lost a good amount of weight. I had to retrace the pattern in a size medium and recut the skirt. I was able to reuse all the fabric with the exception of the waistband. Since this skirt has a faced waist, nobody but me (and now anyone who reads this) knows that the waistband is a different color. The top is a McCalls pattern made from wool jersey I bought at an ASG 'yard sale.' The second skirt is from denim with just the tiniest amount of stretch. I used a lapped seam for the center front so I could topstitch both front pieces and leave the bottom 4" open. This skirt was made right after ER gave the fabulous presentation to our ASG about seam finishes. It encouraged me to try something new and different - something that I hadn't done before - namely the lapped same. Worked great and I have the kicky little opening in the front that I envisioned. I wear this skirt alot. I love the comfort of it. This top is the Santa Monica Tee made from an onionskin type knit from Londa. I love this top and wear it often with lots of different colors. The final skirt is my "Off to the Races" outfit. I saw this peachy print at Hancock Fabrics one Saturday night while I was shopping for thread. I didn't need more fabric and I tried to avoid it, but the fabric just kept calling my name. I dropped the fabric into the washer as soon as I walked in the door on Saturday. Before going to bed both the top and skirt had been cut out. This time I cut the front on the center fold, eliminating the center front seam allowances. Both this skirt and the denim one have center back invisible zippers. This is a great skirt, very comfortable to wear - the only problem is the print is so memorable. The top is Simplicity something or other (I forgot my sewing notebook at home). I used the size I had previously cut out for The Princess. Unfortunately The Princess has a bust and I do not! After making and wearing this top once, I washed it in super hot water and dried it in the drier. End result was just enough shrinkage to make it fit better :) Yea. In daylight the top and skirt go together much better. Today's final picture is the second top that matches the print skirt. Again, I swear they go together better in daylight :)


  1. Yay! Pictures! We love pictures!! :-) You don't have a thing to worry about -- you look great! Love the skirts. I'm wearing my latest skirt today and feeling girlie. I think I need to make another or three. My fav is the bright coral combo because I love bright colors but also because the fit looks perfect. Not that the others are bad, just that this outfit is exceptional ... or just a really good photo! How many sideways compliments can I fit into this comment. I hope you know what I mean even if I seem to be chewing on my toes today.

  2. WOOWHOOOO! Pictures!!
    I am so happy that you posted them!! i love everything...but mostly the coral outfit..that is just a WONDERFUL color on you. Well done, everything looks so great.

  3. Great outfits, and you look so darling! Love the coral especially, it's so cheery, and that wool jersey top is really snazzy.

  4. Gaylen ~ great "fashion shots!" I am so happy that you shared your latest creations with us. I love the choice of fabrics, prints and colors!


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