April 25, 2016

More Of The Same

I seem to be sewing multiples lately.  Either multiples of the same fabric or multiples of the same pattern.  This is some of both.

You should recognize the skirt fabric - it is piece 3 of 4 made that live in my closet.  The fourth piece is another magic pencil skirt but it lives in Kystle's closet.  In fact, the burnt orange ponte that I made this second madeleine top from is also a duplicate.  There is a v-necked renfrew that also lives with Krystle - maybe we'll get some outfit photos from her at some point.

So - a couple of Saturdays The Musical One came over and we took several outfit photos.  4 dresses, 2 tops & skirts and a tunic.  I am working my way through them.  2 dresses have to wait to be posted - but I have plenty to post until their release date.

In every photo - this top looks incredibly busty.  I don't think I'm that busty - but maybe I am.  Because I have made both of these pieces multiple times - there isn't much left to say.

Actually - I'm not sure if I've mentioned that I scooped the neckline a bit lower.  I did this the very scientific way - by laying my french curve over the neckline and cutting it lower.  I don't put a zipper in the back - it's a knit, it stretches.  And I used bias to finish the neckline and armholes.  Oh - and I cut about 1" off the cross band once it was assembled to help keep it taut while wearing.

I really need to teach my photographers to tell me about the details.  It looks like - if I make this top again - I need to lower the front band.  or maybe just lengthen the upper bodice pieces overall.  Moving those pleats a bit lower.

By this time of the day - I was tired of changing - trying to put together outfits and accessories and I couldn't be bothered to put shoes on.  But truthfully - I'd be barefoot all the time if I could!  So I'm walking through the grass for these pics with no shoes on!


  1. I love the colours - such a great outfit!

  2. Love the outfit on you and the colors are wonderful.

  3. You look good in orange. I agree that the neckline needs to be scooped a little more, but the pattern is really flattering. The Magic Pencil Skirts always look great on you, too. This piece of fabric was definitely a worthwhile investment (and I'm glad I"m not the only one who loves to have several pieces from a piece of fabric I really like).

  4. I love the burnt orange top. Such a pretty shape to it!


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