March 7, 2016

My Sewing Space - a Little Bit Closer

The CSC is doing a series on Sewing Spaces and I'm lucky enough to be the first space showcased!  

I really, really meant to get downstairs and take more photos to add to that post, but it didn't happen.  So - I'm doing a part 2 of my blog tour.  

Really - I'm just showing you the back wall - the notions storage.  The back wall also holds the chatchkies and memorabilia.  

On that top shelf - on the ridge edge, you'll see a red tin.  It holds my grandma's crochet hooks.  I don't really crochet - but I can't bring myself to get rid of them - they bring me joy and happiness!

Under the floating shelves is an old oak entertainment center.  It holds my sock yarn stash, swift, ball winder, embroidery hoops.  On top - there is a jar of ribbon, a Seattle Starbucks mug that holds colored pens, ribbon storage, a glass jar with spools of new silk thread and a metal basket full of zippers.

Here's a close up of the button jars.  I can always tell when the cleaning woman has been - because they are rearranged!  The buttons are mostly sorted by color.   
On the bottom shelf - there are these 2 adorable dog pin cushions.  The little pink one I bought - he still has tags hanging on him, but the green one was a gift made by a friend who no longer blogs or sews much - but she loves her dogs as much as I do.  Next to the dogs is a glass jar of old wooden spools of thread.  I do not use these threads.  And next to them is some decorative spools of ribbon.  

 At the very top of the shelves is a very special Puffy.  Krystle didn't have a blanket - she puffy was her security and she went nowhere without it.  The very favorite one was a blue and white puffy.  One day while she was in pre-school a random dog came and stole it off the playground - the entire school went chasing after that dog to get it back - and they did.  This is a holiday version which stays with me for safekeeping until there is a grand to share it with.  

In the corner of my cutting table there is more clutter.  The little pink organizer thing on the left holds all my cutting tools, nail file, measuring tape, other necessary items - it makes it easy to pack for retreats so I don't forget anything.  The wicker basket hold patterns I've made or the ones I want to make soon.  the pile in front is new and wanting to be made up.  The metal basket holds more buttons.

Finally - we get to the pattern storage - it's under the other window in the room, between 2 chairs.  

Currently on top of the boxes are the remains of my circle skirt project - which I messed up and haven't finished.  Story of my life. . . 

Carolyn reminded me that I need to showcase the cutting table - so look for a 3rd post on my space soon.  All about the cutting table.  

If you came over from the CSC - thanks for stopping by!  Please leave a comment - I love meeting new people.  


  1. Hi, GMarie, I did come over from CSC. I, too, sew in the basement, but am relegated to a small room in comparison to yours. I am jealous! Thank you for your tour. Good to see others have nice sized stashes of fabric. My goal in life is to determine who to leave it to, as I will never use it up, lol! Thanks, again for the peek into your space.

  2. I am new to CSC and am getting back to sewing after a 20 year gap. I've decided I need something to do when I retire in 2 years time! I've resorted to sewing with used sheets to re-learn what I've forgotten and create a few "sun dresses" I might wear in the garden as I need to adjust and make patterns fit my curvey size.

    My daughter recently moved back into town and we quickly reconverted her little kitchenette back into my sewing room. OK she was a bit mature to be living with at home, but boomerang adult children are just a fact of life in the 21st Century! Those cupboards and shelves are REALLY coming in handy.
    I'll try and send this off to you now. No idea how to attach pictures but will try if you respond to my post. you can contact me at

  3. Your sewing room is so organised, and wish my cleaner moved things about when she visited.

  4. I just found this! Kellie had the same blue and white Puffalump - the mouse, right? She still has him; his name is Ning Ning. Nothing like a Chinese mouse for a best friend. I have made him new "suits" (out of worn out blue and white striped oxford cloth shirts of Michael's) a couple of times, because poor Ning Ning is about worn out. He lives in Knoxville with her now. And Kellie also has the Christmas puffalump, named Christmouse, sitting on her bed here. Love the look at your sewing room and shelves full of treasures!


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