September 29, 2015

Floral Southport - Behind the Seams

Way back in May - I talked hubby into tacking a week in New Jersey to the end of our vacation.  This was two-fold, we got to spend some time with The Princess and Carolyn had a very un-talked about birthday party.  At that party, I got to meet Kelly and she was wearing a maxi-Southport.

It took me awhile to get on this bandwagon.  I have loved every version of this dress that I have seen.  

In the middle of August, JB was gone fishing for a bachelor party and I spent an evening, trimming, gluing and tracing Southport (right after I made my favorite breakfast for dinner!)

 I have come to the conclusion that I just am NOT good at putting PDFs together.  I'm always just a smidgen off when I trim them and can never get the pages to line up perfectly.   

I pulled 2 pretty floral rayon challis from the cupboards and then sewed up my least favorite of the as a wearable muslin.  I was actually ambitiously hoping I could sew up 2 versions of this dress while The Princess and The Sports Writer were here on vacation.

The truth is - I was lucky to get this one hemmed.  

Last year - I went on strike because I couldn't get either JB nor The Musical One to help me hem garments that weren't already level and needed more than a simple, evenly turned hem.  While JB still won't help me (eventually - I'll just quit cooking for him and pack nothing but PB&J in his lunchbox - that should do the trick!), The Musical One will.  

It was The Princess' idea that pictures of this process happen.  I have flats on and am standing.  She is sitting on the floor with an industrial t-square (generally it's a yard stick) and a pin bowl.  She puts pins in every 3" around the hem where the hem should go - she does not pin it up - if that makes sense.

Next time - I'll show better photos of me wearing the dress.  And I'll try to be back sooner than 2 weeks!  Happy Sewing Everyone.  


  1. I didn't know you made a Southport! Also my birthday was very widely discussed just not on the Internet! LOL!

  2. My sympathies on hem levelling. Every time I've made a dress since I left home some 40 years ago, I've had to wait for either my elder son who is 50 miles away to visit or my sister who is 120 miles away, to do the job. My husband is absolutely hopeless at it - he sez pins aren't his thing, so an almost finished dress can lurk in the sewing room for months just waiting for someone to visit !

  3. Trying again, just in case. Lately comments don't seem to post properly - first attempt may be in a black hole of nothingness LOL

    Hubby is willing but pinning a straight hem is a pain. I love that print !

  4. Quite a process! I can't wait to see the finished dresses!

  5. Next time you have no willing pincers, email me! We live very near each other (I am in Woodinville). I would be happy to meet you and help!

  6. It's good to have a helper. I love the floral pattern, and I hope you love the dress.


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