February 20, 2014

Old Pink Dress

I'm really trying to embrace these lessons from Ella.  This pink dress is one of my favorites.  The fabric is a wonderful jersey that I bought locally and then hoarded for years waiting for something good enough to use it.

This is how I wore it to work today.  Well with shoes - I wore grey flats at work, but I keep my flats at work and commute in trainers or danskos and since my danskos are red - well you got stocking feet pictures. 

On the commute to work - I starting thinking about what I could have added to this outfit:

Scarf:  pink floral; grey floral; two - tone grey pashmina.  Meh, I wanted to wear a pretty necklace. 

Different Cardi - I let grey pass briefly through my mind, but I've always paired this with the pale pink.  I thought about white - but discarded that as being too bright for the predominately muted dress.  I thought about red, to pull it from the dress, but again - no.  Then I thought what about my black polka dot cardigan?

When I got home tonight, after hitting the grocery store on the way home and then helping JB get dinner started - I asked him to grab his camera and we headed upstairs so I had quicker access to the closet.  I swapped the grey belt out for a white belt and tossed the black polka dot cardigan on. 

What do you think?  Would you pair these together?  Is it a bit of mutton dressed like lamb?  I know I should have pulled the cardigan together and belted on the outside. 

At some point during my workday - It came to me - Ella would have grabbed my grey jacket, rolled up the sleeves and buttoned it.  (Hey I was tired!  It was after 7!!)

I don't know if there is enough of the same colors in the scarf as the dress.  But it does add a 3rd element.  I still have that white belt on under the open jacket.  (I look a bit shell shocked - don't I?)

Oh - and if you haven't seen it - go check out this post from Jenny.  There is something raw and honest, vulnerable and touching about this post.  I've been rolling it over in my head since I read it. 

I think the best thing to come from the Style Session with Ella is that I'm rethinking the way I view myself.  The way I think about my shape and how I talk to myself.  As much as we all love compliments - I honestly wasn't fishing for them with the last post - but rather, trying to open the dialog about society and how women (giant generalization) think about their bodies.  Sadly - most of us are our own worst enemies, we need to remember to talk to ourselves as nice as we would talk to our daughters or best friends.  I really appreciate everyone taking the time to comment. 


  1. I think that the first picture looks lovely. I enjoy the light pink cardi and the belt in the outside. I think you look gorgeous in it. :-)

  2. I think all of these look good. Did you try a skinny black belt with the polka dot cardigan? I'd put it on under the cardigan and see how it looks--I'm thinking that would look even better.

    I think with the grey jacket you might need lighter tights, a lighter gray. It could just be that they appear dark in the photo, though. Hard to tell. And the scarf does look very good as it is a large scale floral contrasting with the small scale print of the dress. Looking good!

  3. Personally - I prefer the first pic with the pink cardi - I think that it looks very soft and feminine and the grey belt looks great. The only think I would change would be the stockings - maybe a paler colour?

  4. Ohh - I love it with the grey jacket. Although all are nice.

  5. I think you got it spot on the first time, the pink cardi looks great!

  6. G, you nailed it with the top photo...the light cardi with the grey belt. The black cardi possibly with the belt around the outside of cardi...but the lower one with the grey jacket isn't doing anything for me. Maybe the belt is too light? Not sure what it is.
    Top photo is FABULOUS! Love love love it!!! Perfect!

  7. Like the pink cardigan and belt, not a fan of the black with the dress, I do like the grey jacket, but I like the slightly wider grey belt better on you. And I agree on the tights, not a fan of the black tights with the dress, maybe grey?
    And I definitely agree on how hard we are on ourselfs, we beat ourselfs up as no one else can.

  8. You really are applying and trying all your new learning! Inspired - off to have a look at the post by jenny now.
    All combinations look good, but I am always a bit partial to a jacket/blazer so that of course is my favourite on you!

  9. Love all of these looks, but I am partial to a jacket/blazer so that is my favourite!
    Great to see how you are applying your new learning! I'm off to check out Jenny's post now, thanks!

  10. I, too, like the grey jacket and scarf with this dress as well as the pink cardi.

  11. I love the gray jacket with the scarf with your dress. A completely different look.. I liked the light pink cardi too [I agree with the others. maybe some lighter gray tights?]
    I am a big fan of polka dots.. and I liked this version too.. I liked it all.ha.. But my favorite is the gray jacket.. Looks so pretty on you..
    Going to check out Jenny's post now.. thanks for sharing.

  12. You look happiest in the pink cardigan, and it looks good on you. Whenever you look happy in something it's a sure sign that it's your colour or style. The black does not suit your colouring - you are so lovely and warm.

  13. Truthfully, I like the way you wore it to work the best, but I think if the grey jacket were buttoned it would look really sharp, too. I'm glad to see you pulling out some favorite dresses (I love this pink one, BTW), and adding accessories to make them extra special. Have a nice weekend.

    I'm off to read Jenny's post now!

  14. Thanks for the shoutout G! I also love the first outfit above.. It's amazing what the right combination of shapes, lengths and colours can do....

  15. I like the top look the best but the gray jacket and scarf is very nice, too. Great job.

  16. I agree; the first version is a home run. Not a fan of the print on print, but the grey isn't a bad alternative.

  17. Hey G - hope you don't mind, but I nominated you as one of my favourite small blogs for a Liebster award! More details here if you'd like to take part: http://cashmerette.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/if-its-worth-doing-once.html

  18. I don't know if I love the polka dots with the flowers in the second combo, but I love the first and third! very cute-looks like you gained a lot from your style session :)
    and you are right, we are almost always our own enemies with our self image among other things...we need to treat ourselves with kindness.


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